Monday, May 23, 2016

wedding week!!! (+missionary work)

Also, they are selling the Willis house so this was the last sleepover there :(

And just a couple days ago (Saturday), I was with Sister Oldroyd out here in KC! We finally got to be companions! I love her so much! This is exchange was so fun and so many amazing things happened. We were right where we needed to be at just the right times. I love it when that happens! We had dinner with the Ramirez family. It was so amazing. They are awesome home and visiting teachers and it was so incredible to hear their stories and the miracles that they have been apart of. We showed them the Mormon Message called "Reach Out With Love" and all four of us were in tears afterwards. I have gained such a love for reactivation work. And it truly is "no task for the idler" as President Monson says in that video. I absolutely love the less-active members that we are working with now and it is truly a work of love. When they are able to FEEL that we love them, they progress. Anyways, we went out with Sister Ramirez afterwards to visit one of the sisters she visit teaches who is coming back to church now :) It was so awesome to see the love that this sister had towards her visiting teacher. That is one thing when I get home that I am going to be better at. Being a visiting teacher is the best calling there is in my opinion (and guess what!! we all get that calling!! ;)

Last Sunday, we had to say goodbye to one of our favorite members, Sister Oliver. She is the best member missionary and an inspiration to me. She is leaving to Australia for a couple months!!

AND I got to see my favorite Pauline at the VC too! I love her so much!

oh yeah, and it has been raining SOO much here and I chopped my hair off!!

but back to the wedding festivities (the best part of the weeks):

I got to see RACHY on Wednesday! We went out to BBQ in KC with her cute mom and then to a lesson with Ken! She is such an amazing missionary already. Her testimony was sooo powerful.

and then Thursday was the wedding!!
I am so grateful I got to be at the sealing. It was such a special experience to be a part of and it was SO GOOD to see you all family!!! I love and miss you all dearly!

still waiting on more pictures from the wedding. .. cough cough..

Sister Morgan

Hello famILY!

Long time, no see!
It was so great to see some of you all last week! Congrats Ben and
Lyndsey on getting married! I am so glad that I was able to be there
for your sealing :) Aren't temples amazing?! I am so grateful for
temples and the opportunity that we have to be together with our
family members forever. It is such a comfort to me to know that I will
be with my family members after this life because the blessings of the
temple. And now, Lynds and Ben have those same blessings!! Wooo!!!
Also ps, I finally have an older brother!! YES!!

Really though, long time, no email! There is so much that has happened
these last two weeks in our area, then we'll get to the wedding. There
is no possible way for me to share all of the awesome things that have
happened with you. We have met some amazing people and some amazing
families recently. That is one of my favorite parts about the mission
is just getting to meet so many people and to be able to learn from
each one of them. It is so incredible. We really can learn from every
single person we meet.

But here are just a few highlights:

Exchanges. I went on two exchanges. Both with sisters that serve in
Independence. I got to be with Sister Murdoch again and we did lots of
service in her area. Have I mentioned that I LOVE Independence? It was
a stake service project so it was so fun to be able to see members
that I served with in my last areas there!


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