Monday, June 29, 2015

Some extra letter time for the Fam

Hi all. I love you guys so much

Some fun facts:
Reason I have extra time is because we are at Monday sports (MOSPO)
rn. Me and my comp are the only sisters. Haha. The elders love
basketball. Haha. It really makes no sense to me. Props to all my
athletic sisters. You guys rock. And are crazy. Haha.

We do get/have gym time every single morning from 6:30-7am. The
community of Christ temple across the street from the VC happens to be
perfect for working out at. Haha. We run there and back. Uphill both
ways dad. Snow will come soon. But it really is uphill both ways.
There's a giant hill to get there and the they have a hill at the
temple that leads into a huge staircase that we run up and down at.
#yay. But it really is great. Need to work out all the food the
Polynesian families feed us. Haha.

Also. My cute little home that I live in is adorable. And has a super
sketchy basement. Haha. The older sisters pretend hazed us into the
mission field down there. Haha

Welcome to the mission. For real this time. Ha

Hello friends!

It's been a full 5 days out here in Missouri. And it feels like I've lived here for months! Haha. I absolutely love everything about this mission life though. 
A few things:

We have shifts at the VC everyday. Except like twice a transfer when we get a full prosecuting day. And p-day.  Serving in the visitors center is incredible. It is super different though. There are miracles happening all around in that building and it is such a blessing to be able to be there. Sister and Elder missionaries in the area will bring their investigators to the VC for a tour because the spirit there is so strong. And investigators can feel it. It is so powerful. This one guy came in to the VC and a sister took him on a tour and finished it. He was staring at the Christ statue and asked her how long he was allowed to stay in the VC. Haha. He said he didn't want to leave because it felt so good to be there. That. Is. The. Spirit. 

Speaking of the spirit. It is so cool. And kinda hard at times. We as missionaries are responsible for helping every single person that come into tours to feel the spirit. And it is something that I am really learning takes all of my effort to do. When they are watching a video or anything, I take every second to try to listen to what the spirit prompts me to tell them. And am praying that I will be able to hear those promptings. But it is real. I can't even tell you all how many times I open my mouth planning to say one thing and end up saying something completely different. It's amazing to be able to see people's reactions to their visits. 

There were these two ladies that came in yesterday that were members from Utah I think? Anyways, I was talking to them about the saints in Missouri. And everything that those pioneers sacrificed for the gospel. One of them started to get so emotional from hearing the hard times they went through. 
Oh yeah, that's the other thing. The history. Ha. It is so much information to learn. They gave us a huge spiral bound book to learn and I have only been able to read about 20 pages. Haha. There is not enough time to study and learn everything!! But it's so amazing how the Lord helps us. I had to start giving tours BY MYSELF the first day I was there. The summer time is crazy at the VC. everyone and their mom comes. Talk about intimidating. Haha. I practically knew none of the history. But was able to recall enough information for the visitors I was teaching. Ps. Families and kids are my absolute fave to take around. 

There's an exhibit called Gods Plan for His Families that is my absolute favorite. After the Christ statue. Haha. But that exhibit makes me cry like every single time. Probs cause I miss my Fam but still. I love it. 

OH MY GOSH! I almost forgot!!! So my very first day out here. Like an hour after we emailed on Thursday... Guess who I ran into?!? Lynds and jake, you'll probably be the most excited. Haha

YESS!! Hank!!! It was an answer to a prayer. It seriously made my day. Me and my comp were just running into the VC real fast to grab my comp's scriptures. And there was a tour bus in front. #typical and this guy starts running up to me. And then I realized who it was ❤️ this Book of Mormon teacher changed my life. Also favorite class #maybebecauseofjakey hahaha 

also, sister baggett (from my Mtc district) and I got to go on exchanges Saturday night!! Haha. Our companions went to a baptism of this guy they they had taught in Kansas. I love her. And talk about everyone trusting us. Haha. We had been in the field for three days and they let us spend the whole afternoon and evening teaching members and contacting/tracking for new investigators. Haha. She's the best though. 
The VC is soooo pretty ❤️❤️ and you can see the Christ statue in the window!! #myfave

Also, sunsets at the VC are my favorite. Every night, all the VC sisters meet in front of the Christ statue and sing a few hymns, say a prayer, and exchange keys. It's my favorite. 

This gospel really changes lives. 

Sunday, We tried to organize a member to give one of our investigators, Kyle, a ride to church. But messed up the address. Haha. Anyways, he walked TWO HOURS to church just so he could go to the last hour. Like what?! He's a rockstar. 

I love you all. God is real. He answers prayers and He loves us. He absolutely will testify to us the truths of this life. We just have to ask Him. 

Sister Morgan

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Welcome to Zion! and hello again emojis ☺️

Hello family and friends!!

I made it to Missouri! Aka zion :) and lots of other nicknames. Ha.
First things first...

Notice 👇

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And yeah. emojis. 🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌😍

Haha but now for the good stuff.

So since last Friday tons of stuff has happened.

1. Went to temple square in salt lake and went on splits with the
sisters there as part of our Visitors Center training :) I had the
cutest companion ever, Sister Lysy. She's from QUEENCREEK, AZ!!! (aka
hometown of all mis amigos) she said she knew some of you guys ha

Friday, June 19, 2015

Highlights of the Week :) (aka. more pictures)

The VC Sisters at the SLC Temple Square Visitor's Center. We went on wednesday and had the sisters give us a tour. best quote from the sisters. who were adorbs ps.  "We are not tour guides, we are missionaries and our purpose is to bring people closer to Christ." #preach

also my bae of a sister sent me a super yummy treat (to make up for not emailing or writing me... ha.. totally worked ps. don't even remember that she didn't write me hah) but wow.  super hard to focus on studies when you have that beauty staring at you :) <3

Have a great week everyone!

Friday, June 5, 2015

First Week at the MTC!!

Hello from the first week at the MTC.. more like the first two days. ha but yeah. fridays are our p-days. 

A little bit about the MTC:

- still completely not used to being called Sister Morgan and low-key freak out of cuteness when my  comp calls me by that. yeah. it's way presh. 

- my district is AMAZING. There are 3 companionships of sisters and two companionships of elders. 5 of the 6 sisters are going to the Independence VC and the other is going to the Kirtland VC. Seriously though, right now is such an amazing time to be a sister missionary. The Lord is hastening His work and it is so fun to be a part of it. The MTC is great. It's amazing to be around a thousand or so other young people that all have the same purpose. Everyone is wearing a nametag with Christ's name on it. So humbling. 

- my companion is Sister Jones, she is from California (Sacramento) and is the CUTEST. I got so lucky. We are perfect for eachother and yeah. life is real real good. 

- this place is amazing. the first couple days were/are overwhelming with stuff we don't know but we are also learning SO MUCH. today especially, it was my favorite. We learned about the Doctrine of Christ and really just got to expand upon it and our district got to share our thoughts on it. It was amazing, in personal study, I was reading 2 Nephi 31 and we ended up focusing on that very chapter as a district to talk about the doctrine of Christ. I love verse 5. On this earth, the main thing we are supposed to do is to repent and be baptized. That is such a key ordinance on this Earth that Christ himself was baptized in order to return to live with our Heavenly Father.

- I'm coming to know more than ever that our Heavenly Father LOVES each and every one of us. That is why He is doing all that He does for us, because He just wants us to return to live with Him. 

- my branch president, President Laney, is AMAZING. such a scriptorian. like. wow. so amazed. i just want to be him and have his knowledge. 

- oh and also, lynds, you kept telling me that i'd see catherine and i didn't believe you. ha. literally ran into her 3 hours after i got dropped off after my class.  she is the CUTEST.  Mama woodwell, she says hello and she says that she loves you. we eat breakfast together which is wayyy cute. 

- also, way fun seeing so many people i know. i ran into like my whole freshman ward pretty much! haha. my visiting teacher, my RS couselor, my Church History Tour friends, people back home from Vegas, and so many others. Again, HOW COOL is it that we get to all be apart of this great work TOGETHER!

So yeah, MTC is awesome. it's so cool to ask everyone where they are going. There are people here from everywhere, (tonga, china, you name it) and that are going EVERYWHERE! (two elders in my district are going to DALLAS lynds! (elder morriss and elder busath, keep an eye out for em. they rock)). 

I love all you guys so much. This gospel is true and God lives and loves us. 

-Sister Morgan

Also, we got to watch Elder Perry's funeral today. He was and is an amazing man. He lived a way in which we should all model our lives after. full or faith and always serving. serving our country, his family, others, and most importantly, our God. 

Typically, on fridays, we'll get to go to the temple in the morning but we didn't get to go today. So I might even get to see Josh at the temple!!! depending on what session he does. Our branch goes at 7am. :) and we get to do temple walks on sundays at 1:45 which I'm hecka looking forward to :)


our cute district :) we do district yoga at gym time. (sis jones is amazing and coaches zumba and everything as her job back home.. way cool.) the goal is to get the elders to join us for yoga by the end of the mtc time ;)

ADORABLE Sister Jones and I on our first (full) day at the MTC. note the nametags. hecka cute. 

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

{goodbye} i love you all

Just wanted to write a short little post to say that I love all you guys and am going to miss you guys so much. Here's a little video that I had so much fun making remembering all the good memories from the past couple years. (may or may not have cried multiple times in the process haha)

My family deserves a special shout out right now too. They are the best and I'm gonna miss em a lot. 

Mommy - thank you so much for everything you have done for me throughout my life.  you are a rockstar and i look up to you so much. thanks for putting us kids first in your life.  you are so selfless and such an example to me. i love you so much. i think all the time how i am so lucky to have gotten the best mom in the world to be mine :)  

Daddy - thanks for supporting me in all my decisions and pushing me to be the best self i can be.  i'm so lucky to have such a cool dad like you to brag about. you really are the best. i look up to you in so many ways and hope always enjoy life like you do. you are such an amazing dad and do everything for your kids, which is amazing to me. thanks for being you :) i love you. 

Mikey - don't know where to even start with the thanks with you.  before anything else, thank you so much for introducing me to the gospel.  it has changed my life and i am most grateful for that, i think about it everyday.  thanks for having such a strong testimony and sharing it with me, it's my favorite thing ever :) also, thanks for making my momma so happy and me happy. i'm gonna miss all the teasing for the next 18 months, but i'm sure you'll save it all up for me for when i get back ;)

Lynds - thank you for being my best friend. i really got incredibly lucky to have you as my older sis. (mostly cause i know if we weren't sisters, you'd ditch me cause i'm so weird. ha. so very glad you have to be stuck with me;)  but really, you are the biggest example to me. i look up to you in all things and i am uplifted by your personality and testimony constantly. so thank you. i love you so much and am going to miss seeing you every day a ton. have fun in p-town without me next year. ;)

Pi2 - poogie!! thanks for being the cutest lil sis and for everything you do for me. you are so sweet and i don't thank you enough for it. i love you so much and am really going to miss you a lot. i can't believe how big you are already getting and i'm scared to see how much you will have grown up when i get back! stay strong and be good to mommy (secret: she's the most amazing person in this whole world. unfortunately, us kids don't find that out until we leave her house, so take advantage of that lil secret)

Hal Bal - WASSUP?! haha. thanks for being our "funny sister" and for being so amazing. I love you so much and know that I am always thinking about you. thanks for letting me be a part of your life, i love hearing all your stories. i am so so soo glad we got to go to efy two years together. you have such a strong spirit and i loved getting to experience it in that setting. also, you are just so fun to be around. i love you. 

Ry - sweet lil ry, i love you so much. thank you for being so amazing. i am constantly in awe by how strong you are and also how gorgeous you are! it shouldn't be allowed to be that cute! i love it though. i'm gonna miss you so much while i'm gone, know that i am thinking about you though and i can't wait to get a big hug when i get back :)

Angie - thank you so much for being an amazing addition to our fam. i couldn't have asked for anyone better. i love how happy you make my daddy and sisters. you are amazing. lynds and i always talk about how classy you are all the time (we secretly strive to be just like you haha) i love you so much!

Britton - even though we don't talk that much cause we don't see each other that much, know that i love you. i really do. i look up to how friendly and outgoing you always are. i love it. you make everyone feel welcome and that is such a valuable trait. i absolutely loved getting to go to hawaii with you last year, it was so much fun! i will always remember those memories on the sweet isle of maui :) 

To my friends: 
thanks so much for everything. you guys have made life so enjoyable and i am strengthened by you guys continually and am always put into a better mood when i'm around you guys. thank you. i love you all mucho.