Friday, June 5, 2015

First Week at the MTC!!

Hello from the first week at the MTC.. more like the first two days. ha but yeah. fridays are our p-days. 

A little bit about the MTC:

- still completely not used to being called Sister Morgan and low-key freak out of cuteness when my  comp calls me by that. yeah. it's way presh. 

- my district is AMAZING. There are 3 companionships of sisters and two companionships of elders. 5 of the 6 sisters are going to the Independence VC and the other is going to the Kirtland VC. Seriously though, right now is such an amazing time to be a sister missionary. The Lord is hastening His work and it is so fun to be a part of it. The MTC is great. It's amazing to be around a thousand or so other young people that all have the same purpose. Everyone is wearing a nametag with Christ's name on it. So humbling. 

- my companion is Sister Jones, she is from California (Sacramento) and is the CUTEST. I got so lucky. We are perfect for eachother and yeah. life is real real good. 

- this place is amazing. the first couple days were/are overwhelming with stuff we don't know but we are also learning SO MUCH. today especially, it was my favorite. We learned about the Doctrine of Christ and really just got to expand upon it and our district got to share our thoughts on it. It was amazing, in personal study, I was reading 2 Nephi 31 and we ended up focusing on that very chapter as a district to talk about the doctrine of Christ. I love verse 5. On this earth, the main thing we are supposed to do is to repent and be baptized. That is such a key ordinance on this Earth that Christ himself was baptized in order to return to live with our Heavenly Father.

- I'm coming to know more than ever that our Heavenly Father LOVES each and every one of us. That is why He is doing all that He does for us, because He just wants us to return to live with Him. 

- my branch president, President Laney, is AMAZING. such a scriptorian. like. wow. so amazed. i just want to be him and have his knowledge. 

- oh and also, lynds, you kept telling me that i'd see catherine and i didn't believe you. ha. literally ran into her 3 hours after i got dropped off after my class.  she is the CUTEST.  Mama woodwell, she says hello and she says that she loves you. we eat breakfast together which is wayyy cute. 

- also, way fun seeing so many people i know. i ran into like my whole freshman ward pretty much! haha. my visiting teacher, my RS couselor, my Church History Tour friends, people back home from Vegas, and so many others. Again, HOW COOL is it that we get to all be apart of this great work TOGETHER!

So yeah, MTC is awesome. it's so cool to ask everyone where they are going. There are people here from everywhere, (tonga, china, you name it) and that are going EVERYWHERE! (two elders in my district are going to DALLAS lynds! (elder morriss and elder busath, keep an eye out for em. they rock)). 

I love all you guys so much. This gospel is true and God lives and loves us. 

-Sister Morgan

Also, we got to watch Elder Perry's funeral today. He was and is an amazing man. He lived a way in which we should all model our lives after. full or faith and always serving. serving our country, his family, others, and most importantly, our God. 

Typically, on fridays, we'll get to go to the temple in the morning but we didn't get to go today. So I might even get to see Josh at the temple!!! depending on what session he does. Our branch goes at 7am. :) and we get to do temple walks on sundays at 1:45 which I'm hecka looking forward to :)


our cute district :) we do district yoga at gym time. (sis jones is amazing and coaches zumba and everything as her job back home.. way cool.) the goal is to get the elders to join us for yoga by the end of the mtc time ;)

ADORABLE Sister Jones and I on our first (full) day at the MTC. note the nametags. hecka cute. 


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