Monday, June 29, 2015

Some extra letter time for the Fam

Hi all. I love you guys so much

Some fun facts:
Reason I have extra time is because we are at Monday sports (MOSPO)
rn. Me and my comp are the only sisters. Haha. The elders love
basketball. Haha. It really makes no sense to me. Props to all my
athletic sisters. You guys rock. And are crazy. Haha.

We do get/have gym time every single morning from 6:30-7am. The
community of Christ temple across the street from the VC happens to be
perfect for working out at. Haha. We run there and back. Uphill both
ways dad. Snow will come soon. But it really is uphill both ways.
There's a giant hill to get there and the they have a hill at the
temple that leads into a huge staircase that we run up and down at.
#yay. But it really is great. Need to work out all the food the
Polynesian families feed us. Haha.

Also. My cute little home that I live in is adorable. And has a super
sketchy basement. Haha. The older sisters pretend hazed us into the
mission field down there. Haha


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