Monday, July 25, 2016

Elder Anderson visit!!

Again, I just LOVE the spirit in the jail. Each time I am in the rotunda, my testimony of the Prophet Joseph Smith and this restored gospel is strengthened so much. I know that he was a prophet and restored the church of Jesus Christ through priesthood keys that were given to him from 3 of Christ's original apostles. This gospel is true and it is how we obtain happiness in this life. I love you all so much, I hope that each of you are able to take a moment and ponder the blessings that this gospel has brought in your life thus far and the future blessings that it will bring into your life as you stay faithful to it.

Sister Morgan

Other pictures:
Being in a trio is seriously a party everyday. It is soooo fun!! We are always just laughing and joking around with each other. We are SOOO SAD to say goodbye to Sister Montgomery this week! We are seriously soul sisters!

selfie with my new district

Hello everyone!

This week we saw so many miracles!!!

On Monday, Elder Neil L. Anderson came to speak to us like I mentioned
last week. His sweet wife came with him as well and it was just all
around incredible. We got to shake his hand in the beginning. The
Spirit was so strong throughout the whole meeting. He talked to us
about the importance of setting goals and using our faith in Jesus
Christ to accomplish those goals. He was also talking to us about the
importance of this place that we serve and he said that even as
leaders of the Church, they do not talk about the importance of this
place enough. They downplay it for sure because of how sacred of an
area it is. Again, I feel so blessed to be able to serve here! My
companions and I were talking this morning about how much mission
pride we have. oops. This seriously is the best mission in the world.

After the conference, my companions and I had an added desire to truly
see miracles in our area as that is what a big focus of the meeting
was. So we decided to fast to find a new person to teach who we could
baptize on August 27. So, we finish our fast Wednesday night and we
are out knocking a few doors in our area but nobody was really
interested and we had to head to another appt. So as we are walking to
our car, this man opens up hisdoor and says, "did you all knock on my
door?" We hadn't. We told him this and all three of us of course start
bee-lining it to his door to start talking with him and he actually
grew up in NY, very close to Palmyra, so he had heard about Joseph
Smith when he was young and said he would be interested in having a
"refresher course" because his aunt and uncle used to have the
missionaries in their home when he was very young. We set up a lesson
for the next day where we taught the Restoration to him. The Spirit
was sooo strong and he committed to be baptized on AUGUST 27! This
truly is Heavenly Father's work because there is no way that could
have happened without His help. Something that Sister Anderson said
while she was here that motivated us to get to this point was when she
was testifying of the prophet and apostles and the blessings we
recieve from exact obedience. She said, "If we follow the counsel of
God's prophets with exactness and specificness, then God's blessings
will pour out upon us in a way that we cannot imagine. I know that as
sure as I know that I am." The Spirit was so strong. The specific
counsel that Elder Anderson gave us included setting a very specific
baptism goal for each month, so we are currently ACTING IN FAITH as
this ward hasn't had a baptism in over 2 years, but miracles are

Elder and Sister Anderson were planning on coming to the jail early
Wednesday morning and Sister Montgomery and I were going to be able to
take them on a tour!!! We were so pumped and way nervous, but they got
stuck up at Adam-Ondi-Ahman for business, but it would have been so
cool! Pray for another apostle to come visit the jail for me... k? :)

The other day, I had to go to the urgent care because spiders in
Missouri are terrible and I got a bite on my chest that got very big,
we call it my Ironman scar :)

Tuesday night I got a special surprise when the KC1st sisters came
through the jail with Connie AND Liz!!! It was the best ever. I got to
take them all on a presentation and Liz snuck a picture of me during
the presentation. haha. I was completely stuttering through this part
because I thought she was videoing and got suuuppper nervous, but

Monday, July 18, 2016

I'm in JAIL!!!

Hello family!!!!

Transfers brought so many new things for this week!
#1. I am training a Spanish sister! prayers are always answered! Her
name is Hermana Guerrero from Mexico. She actually served in Mexico
for 3 months waiting for a visa so she already knows what she is
doing. She is incredible!
#2. I am also in a trio with Sister Montgomery from Nevada! It is
super fun because we knew each other before our missions. Sad thing is
is that she finishes her mission in 2 weeks so we only get to be a
trio until then, but we are making every second count! She is also the
saving grace so Hermana Guerrero and I didn't have to whitewash! phew!
#3. I am now in the Shoal Creek Valley Ward. We meet in the church
building right next to the temple!! :) AND I am serving in the

Serving at the jail is the best thing ever! I absolutely love every
second of it. The Spirit is so strong here. Every presentation I take,
the Spirit fills my heart. I know that the Prophet Joseph Smith truly
loved the Lord throughout his life. Learning about all the history
that took place here and his experiences is so incredible. I am
grateful for the revelations that were given to him while in the
Liberty Jail (D&C 121-123 go check them out). I have realized this
week how important it is for all of us to have a strong testimony of
the prophet. IIf we know Joseph Smith was a prophet, we believe the
Book of Mormon to be the word of God, we know that President Monson is
the prophet today, we know that the priesthood has been restored to
the earth, we know that the gospel of Jesus Christ is here in its
fulness and it is how we make it back to God, we know that there are
temples here on earth and that they are essential for the salvation of
all of God's children, etc. the list goes on. I truly believe that it
is because of this that the Spirit is so strong here in the Liberty
Jail. Our Heavenly Father wants all of us to come back to Him and He
knows that we must have a firm testimony of this restored gospel and
live it in order to do so and step 1 along that journey of receiving
that testimony is a testimony of the prophet Joseph Smith. I feel so
privileged/blessed/grateful to be able to serve here and to receive
witness after witness after witness that Joseph Smith is the prophet
of the Restoration. I know that he is.

I also get to live with lots of sisters again at the Liberty House
which is SUPER fun! A lot of the sisters serving at the jail now,
served at the VC when I was there, so it is a super happy reunion!

The ward I am serving in is super different than my last wards. There
is no ghetto part at all... so that's the biggest difference and it
wayy tinier area wise.. it's like a mini Utah ward. Super weird but
way fun.

The beginning of my week, was full of sad goodbyes. I will forever
love the people in Kansas City 1st ward. I'll attach a few pictures
from the sad goodbyes.

In about 4 hours, we get to hear from Elder Anderson from the Quorum
of the 12 Apostles who is coming to Liberty to speak to all the
missionaries in our mission, which is SUPER exciting so until next
week! Love you all!

The church is true!
Sister Morgan


- Buffalo Wild Wings with Destiny and our zone. One of the elders did
the Blazin challenge! So crazy! I would never in a million years do
- saying goodbye to Connie and Amber. I miss them so much!
- saying goodbye to Miss Glenda and then Leila.
- my last morning in KC! soooo sad to leave Sister Delange but mom,
you would have been proud of us, we stopped to get donuts at the best
donut place before heading to transfers :)
- trio power at the jail!!!!
- our morning run to the memorial of Alexander Doniphan! He's a super cool guy!
- lobby of the jail last night :)

Monday, July 11, 2016

I'm expecting!!! :)

On Wednesday, we had MLC at the mission home and then we had zone training on Friday. We went to the Lenexa zone! And then during zone lunch, is when I got the lovely call from the Assistants about my baby! haha. Saturday we did like a triple exchange with sisters for three of us to go to the trainers meeting at the mission home. Sister Vest is the best ps. She makes the yummiest breakfasts and lunches for us :)

selfies in front of the mission home for all these meetings :)

ah! I love the sisters in this mission so much. quick hangout in our apartment to end our crazy triple exchange/trio thing :)

Crazy cool miracle!: we got a call from a member that used to be in my last area saying that there was a guy that he works with occasionally as attorneys and his friend knew that he was Mormon and called him up earlier that week and they talked for a couple hours on the phone (ps. before that convo they had literally had like one 20 minute conversation 3 months ago AND he remembered he was Mormon!) Long story short, this guy has been living LDS standards for the past 10 years and has been researching the church online and wants to learn more! He teaches law at KU and works as an attorney. He has just been getting sick of all of his social interactions at work leading to something with alcohol and bars. He came to YSA church for the first time yesterday! We met him when he walked in the door and after sacrament (which was the best ever.. there was a sick homecoming talk and other talks that pretty much taught everything we teach as missionaries) all the RM members overwhelmed him with welcoming him in and he LOVED it! I am so sad to probably have to leave before we start teaching him! He is so cool! But don't ever forget the example we all set for others. My goal is to always be a good example for others.

Connie also came to church! We had an awesome lesson at a members home after dinner one night and we asked her if she would be able to make it and she said with a smile on her face, I'll surprise you! haha. She is amazing. I just love her so much!

Saturday after the trainers meeting, we went over to Liz's house and helped her clean her room for a few hours and then she took us out to dinner :)

she always takes pictures of us during dinner/lunch, so for tradition..

We had an amazing new member lesson with Liz this Thursday with one of the YSA members. We had her teach us the Restoration and it was so good!! She is adorable and drew all these things on her iPad as visuals for us during the lesson. She told us that as she was preparing and reading the First Vision, she just felt again so strongly that Joseph Smith truly was a prophet. I know that he was. I am so grateful to have prophets on the earth today to lead and guide us. Liz started 2 Nephi 2 which I am pumped about! During the lesson it clicked with her as to why we put such an emphasis on the Book of Mormon. It is because it was literally written just for us. It was kept sacred for 1400+ years and brought forth for us in this last dispensation - when we would need it to prepare for the Second Coming of Jesus Christ. If you haven't read the Book of Mormon, read it. I promise you will not regret it.

oh also! during our family ward church, we taught a young woman during YW because she was the only one in the class and she is actually a foreign exchange student from Paris, France! She is 16 and here for 3 weeks! She just flew in Saturday at midnight and then came to church with the member who is hosting her. She had never heard about the church before. We got to teach her the Restoration and it was so incredible! The Spirit was so strong and she was just smiling the whole time!! We are getting her a French Book of Mormon to start reading and take back home with her :)

TODAY we went to the ZOO for our last pday together!! I seriously LOVE Sister Delange! I am going to miss hanging out with her all day every day and seeing so many miracles with her!! and our addictions to sharing each other's flavored water enhancers #mio

look! there are zebras beneath us!!! :)

One short thought for you all today about obedience. During church, one of the speakers asked us to ask ourselves this questions, "If we don't want to live God's law now, what makes you think you will want to live with God and His laws later?" He shared a scripture in Alma 34:34 "Ye cannot say, when ye are brought to that awful crisis, that I will repent, that I will return to my God. Nay, ye cannot say this; for that same spirit which doth possess your bodies at the time that ye go out of this life, that same spirit will have power to possess your body in that eternal world." I know that obedience to God's commandments is so important for each of us. It is truly how we prepare to meet God, which is the whole reason we are here on earth.

Anyways, I love you all so much! I love hearing from you all and am so grateful for your support. I absolutely love being a missionary and serving my Savior. This is the best work in the entire world and my time as a full time representative of Him is going by too quickly!!

Have fun in the sun for me!!
Sister Morgan

Hello family!!

I am expecting!! haha, aka.. I get to have a new missionary from the
MTC as a companion next transfer! :) I am so stoked! I love the faith
that new missionaries have and I know we are going to see so many
miracles this next transfer together!

This week has been so awesome! We had MLC on Wednesday and we found
out that Elder Neil L. Anderson (one of the 12 Apostles) is coming to
our mission next Monday to speak to us!

Last pday, we went to the plaza with some sisters that are serving in
Independence and Liz for the fourth. It was so fun and we treated
ourselves to some chessecake at Cheesecake Factory :) Liz's family
had us over for barbecue for dinner that evening as well. Also, we
didn't get blown up by the bombs that go off in the hood of KC so that
was definitely a plus!!

Monday, July 4, 2016

❤️💙❤️💙 THE FOURTH!

((ps. we are not really that good at Rubiks cubes. ha.))

I'm going to keep it short this week because we are going to the Plaza with a few of the Independence Sisters and going to eat yummy chessecake :)

But this week has been so great! I went on two back to back exchanges out in the boonies. One in Clinton, MO and the other in Warrensburg, MO. We were in the car all day from Mon-Thurs it felt like. The exchanges were so awesome though. I got to be with Sister Carroll again in Clinton and Sister Nicholas (my sister!) in Warrensburg!

Sister Carroll and I accidentally locked the car keys and apartment keys inside the apartment when we were leaving in the morning and spent like 10 minutes trying to find ways we could break back into our apartment. We decided to give up for a while and just go out for a bit and luckily the landlord called us back and told us where the spare was. SO GRATEFUL!

It was so fun to be with Sister Nicholas. I absolutely adore her. She is such an incredible missionary and so so humble. We both had the same mama (trainer) and so it was super fun to see how she had an influence on both of us. We teach so similarly! haha. We also did some service in this old lady's house! Since being on my mission, I will be forever grateful for the standard of cleanliness that my mom had. ha.

We went to the temple with Liz this week!!! Sister Hixon and Sister Helmbold came as well and Ryan from the YSA. It was such an amazing experience to baptisms with her for her first time. The spirit in the temple is incomparable. There is no other place on earth that is as peaceful and beautiful as the temples around the world.

Liz was also super nice and took us out to dinner Saturday night at Red Robin! Her family happened to showed up too which was a crazy coincidence. It was so awesome to be able to meet her family :) They are all so awesome.

Last night, Liz bore her testimony and shared her conversion at President's devotional which was so awesome. It was so fun to hear her conversion from her perspective. She is seriously the most faithful person I have ever met. So humble to follow the Lord's will at all times.

To all you missionaries and member missionaries :) out there: never give up on people. People can change. It is the gospel of Jesus Christ that helps people to change and become more like their Savior. I have seen that in Liz and it has been the biggest blessing so far on my mission.

We also took our cute friend, Joyce, to the Visitors Center this week. She is so awesome! She was introduced to the church when she was moving from Kansas to Missouri. She met this couple who are members that were so nice to her right before she moved and the members offered to help her move and invited the missionaries to come help as well! She talks non stop about this couple who are just always so friendly and kind to her. We, as members, seriously have no clue the influence that we have on others just by our example and the way we live our life.

Anyways, Happy Fourth of July! I am super grateful to be able to live and serve in this amazing country that allowed for the Restoration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ to take place. America is the best!

Love you all!!