Monday, July 18, 2016

I'm in JAIL!!!

Hello family!!!!

Transfers brought so many new things for this week!
#1. I am training a Spanish sister! prayers are always answered! Her
name is Hermana Guerrero from Mexico. She actually served in Mexico
for 3 months waiting for a visa so she already knows what she is
doing. She is incredible!
#2. I am also in a trio with Sister Montgomery from Nevada! It is
super fun because we knew each other before our missions. Sad thing is
is that she finishes her mission in 2 weeks so we only get to be a
trio until then, but we are making every second count! She is also the
saving grace so Hermana Guerrero and I didn't have to whitewash! phew!
#3. I am now in the Shoal Creek Valley Ward. We meet in the church
building right next to the temple!! :) AND I am serving in the

Serving at the jail is the best thing ever! I absolutely love every
second of it. The Spirit is so strong here. Every presentation I take,
the Spirit fills my heart. I know that the Prophet Joseph Smith truly
loved the Lord throughout his life. Learning about all the history
that took place here and his experiences is so incredible. I am
grateful for the revelations that were given to him while in the
Liberty Jail (D&C 121-123 go check them out). I have realized this
week how important it is for all of us to have a strong testimony of
the prophet. IIf we know Joseph Smith was a prophet, we believe the
Book of Mormon to be the word of God, we know that President Monson is
the prophet today, we know that the priesthood has been restored to
the earth, we know that the gospel of Jesus Christ is here in its
fulness and it is how we make it back to God, we know that there are
temples here on earth and that they are essential for the salvation of
all of God's children, etc. the list goes on. I truly believe that it
is because of this that the Spirit is so strong here in the Liberty
Jail. Our Heavenly Father wants all of us to come back to Him and He
knows that we must have a firm testimony of this restored gospel and
live it in order to do so and step 1 along that journey of receiving
that testimony is a testimony of the prophet Joseph Smith. I feel so
privileged/blessed/grateful to be able to serve here and to receive
witness after witness after witness that Joseph Smith is the prophet
of the Restoration. I know that he is.

I also get to live with lots of sisters again at the Liberty House
which is SUPER fun! A lot of the sisters serving at the jail now,
served at the VC when I was there, so it is a super happy reunion!

The ward I am serving in is super different than my last wards. There
is no ghetto part at all... so that's the biggest difference and it
wayy tinier area wise.. it's like a mini Utah ward. Super weird but
way fun.

The beginning of my week, was full of sad goodbyes. I will forever
love the people in Kansas City 1st ward. I'll attach a few pictures
from the sad goodbyes.

In about 4 hours, we get to hear from Elder Anderson from the Quorum
of the 12 Apostles who is coming to Liberty to speak to all the
missionaries in our mission, which is SUPER exciting so until next
week! Love you all!

The church is true!
Sister Morgan


- Buffalo Wild Wings with Destiny and our zone. One of the elders did
the Blazin challenge! So crazy! I would never in a million years do
- saying goodbye to Connie and Amber. I miss them so much!
- saying goodbye to Miss Glenda and then Leila.
- my last morning in KC! soooo sad to leave Sister Delange but mom,
you would have been proud of us, we stopped to get donuts at the best
donut place before heading to transfers :)
- trio power at the jail!!!!
- our morning run to the memorial of Alexander Doniphan! He's a super cool guy!
- lobby of the jail last night :)


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