Monday, July 4, 2016

❤️💙❤️💙 THE FOURTH!

((ps. we are not really that good at Rubiks cubes. ha.))

I'm going to keep it short this week because we are going to the Plaza with a few of the Independence Sisters and going to eat yummy chessecake :)

But this week has been so great! I went on two back to back exchanges out in the boonies. One in Clinton, MO and the other in Warrensburg, MO. We were in the car all day from Mon-Thurs it felt like. The exchanges were so awesome though. I got to be with Sister Carroll again in Clinton and Sister Nicholas (my sister!) in Warrensburg!

Sister Carroll and I accidentally locked the car keys and apartment keys inside the apartment when we were leaving in the morning and spent like 10 minutes trying to find ways we could break back into our apartment. We decided to give up for a while and just go out for a bit and luckily the landlord called us back and told us where the spare was. SO GRATEFUL!

It was so fun to be with Sister Nicholas. I absolutely adore her. She is such an incredible missionary and so so humble. We both had the same mama (trainer) and so it was super fun to see how she had an influence on both of us. We teach so similarly! haha. We also did some service in this old lady's house! Since being on my mission, I will be forever grateful for the standard of cleanliness that my mom had. ha.

We went to the temple with Liz this week!!! Sister Hixon and Sister Helmbold came as well and Ryan from the YSA. It was such an amazing experience to baptisms with her for her first time. The spirit in the temple is incomparable. There is no other place on earth that is as peaceful and beautiful as the temples around the world.

Liz was also super nice and took us out to dinner Saturday night at Red Robin! Her family happened to showed up too which was a crazy coincidence. It was so awesome to be able to meet her family :) They are all so awesome.

Last night, Liz bore her testimony and shared her conversion at President's devotional which was so awesome. It was so fun to hear her conversion from her perspective. She is seriously the most faithful person I have ever met. So humble to follow the Lord's will at all times.

To all you missionaries and member missionaries :) out there: never give up on people. People can change. It is the gospel of Jesus Christ that helps people to change and become more like their Savior. I have seen that in Liz and it has been the biggest blessing so far on my mission.

We also took our cute friend, Joyce, to the Visitors Center this week. She is so awesome! She was introduced to the church when she was moving from Kansas to Missouri. She met this couple who are members that were so nice to her right before she moved and the members offered to help her move and invited the missionaries to come help as well! She talks non stop about this couple who are just always so friendly and kind to her. We, as members, seriously have no clue the influence that we have on others just by our example and the way we live our life.

Anyways, Happy Fourth of July! I am super grateful to be able to live and serve in this amazing country that allowed for the Restoration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ to take place. America is the best!

Love you all!!


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