Wednesday, June 3, 2015

{goodbye} i love you all

Just wanted to write a short little post to say that I love all you guys and am going to miss you guys so much. Here's a little video that I had so much fun making remembering all the good memories from the past couple years. (may or may not have cried multiple times in the process haha)

My family deserves a special shout out right now too. They are the best and I'm gonna miss em a lot. 

Mommy - thank you so much for everything you have done for me throughout my life.  you are a rockstar and i look up to you so much. thanks for putting us kids first in your life.  you are so selfless and such an example to me. i love you so much. i think all the time how i am so lucky to have gotten the best mom in the world to be mine :)  

Daddy - thanks for supporting me in all my decisions and pushing me to be the best self i can be.  i'm so lucky to have such a cool dad like you to brag about. you really are the best. i look up to you in so many ways and hope always enjoy life like you do. you are such an amazing dad and do everything for your kids, which is amazing to me. thanks for being you :) i love you. 

Mikey - don't know where to even start with the thanks with you.  before anything else, thank you so much for introducing me to the gospel.  it has changed my life and i am most grateful for that, i think about it everyday.  thanks for having such a strong testimony and sharing it with me, it's my favorite thing ever :) also, thanks for making my momma so happy and me happy. i'm gonna miss all the teasing for the next 18 months, but i'm sure you'll save it all up for me for when i get back ;)

Lynds - thank you for being my best friend. i really got incredibly lucky to have you as my older sis. (mostly cause i know if we weren't sisters, you'd ditch me cause i'm so weird. ha. so very glad you have to be stuck with me;)  but really, you are the biggest example to me. i look up to you in all things and i am uplifted by your personality and testimony constantly. so thank you. i love you so much and am going to miss seeing you every day a ton. have fun in p-town without me next year. ;)

Pi2 - poogie!! thanks for being the cutest lil sis and for everything you do for me. you are so sweet and i don't thank you enough for it. i love you so much and am really going to miss you a lot. i can't believe how big you are already getting and i'm scared to see how much you will have grown up when i get back! stay strong and be good to mommy (secret: she's the most amazing person in this whole world. unfortunately, us kids don't find that out until we leave her house, so take advantage of that lil secret)

Hal Bal - WASSUP?! haha. thanks for being our "funny sister" and for being so amazing. I love you so much and know that I am always thinking about you. thanks for letting me be a part of your life, i love hearing all your stories. i am so so soo glad we got to go to efy two years together. you have such a strong spirit and i loved getting to experience it in that setting. also, you are just so fun to be around. i love you. 

Ry - sweet lil ry, i love you so much. thank you for being so amazing. i am constantly in awe by how strong you are and also how gorgeous you are! it shouldn't be allowed to be that cute! i love it though. i'm gonna miss you so much while i'm gone, know that i am thinking about you though and i can't wait to get a big hug when i get back :)

Angie - thank you so much for being an amazing addition to our fam. i couldn't have asked for anyone better. i love how happy you make my daddy and sisters. you are amazing. lynds and i always talk about how classy you are all the time (we secretly strive to be just like you haha) i love you so much!

Britton - even though we don't talk that much cause we don't see each other that much, know that i love you. i really do. i look up to how friendly and outgoing you always are. i love it. you make everyone feel welcome and that is such a valuable trait. i absolutely loved getting to go to hawaii with you last year, it was so much fun! i will always remember those memories on the sweet isle of maui :) 

To my friends: 
thanks so much for everything. you guys have made life so enjoyable and i am strengthened by you guys continually and am always put into a better mood when i'm around you guys. thank you. i love you all mucho. 


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