Monday, June 29, 2015

Welcome to the mission. For real this time. Ha

Hello friends!

It's been a full 5 days out here in Missouri. And it feels like I've lived here for months! Haha. I absolutely love everything about this mission life though. 
A few things:

We have shifts at the VC everyday. Except like twice a transfer when we get a full prosecuting day. And p-day.  Serving in the visitors center is incredible. It is super different though. There are miracles happening all around in that building and it is such a blessing to be able to be there. Sister and Elder missionaries in the area will bring their investigators to the VC for a tour because the spirit there is so strong. And investigators can feel it. It is so powerful. This one guy came in to the VC and a sister took him on a tour and finished it. He was staring at the Christ statue and asked her how long he was allowed to stay in the VC. Haha. He said he didn't want to leave because it felt so good to be there. That. Is. The. Spirit. 

Speaking of the spirit. It is so cool. And kinda hard at times. We as missionaries are responsible for helping every single person that come into tours to feel the spirit. And it is something that I am really learning takes all of my effort to do. When they are watching a video or anything, I take every second to try to listen to what the spirit prompts me to tell them. And am praying that I will be able to hear those promptings. But it is real. I can't even tell you all how many times I open my mouth planning to say one thing and end up saying something completely different. It's amazing to be able to see people's reactions to their visits. 

There were these two ladies that came in yesterday that were members from Utah I think? Anyways, I was talking to them about the saints in Missouri. And everything that those pioneers sacrificed for the gospel. One of them started to get so emotional from hearing the hard times they went through. 
Oh yeah, that's the other thing. The history. Ha. It is so much information to learn. They gave us a huge spiral bound book to learn and I have only been able to read about 20 pages. Haha. There is not enough time to study and learn everything!! But it's so amazing how the Lord helps us. I had to start giving tours BY MYSELF the first day I was there. The summer time is crazy at the VC. everyone and their mom comes. Talk about intimidating. Haha. I practically knew none of the history. But was able to recall enough information for the visitors I was teaching. Ps. Families and kids are my absolute fave to take around. 

There's an exhibit called Gods Plan for His Families that is my absolute favorite. After the Christ statue. Haha. But that exhibit makes me cry like every single time. Probs cause I miss my Fam but still. I love it. 

OH MY GOSH! I almost forgot!!! So my very first day out here. Like an hour after we emailed on Thursday... Guess who I ran into?!? Lynds and jake, you'll probably be the most excited. Haha

YESS!! Hank!!! It was an answer to a prayer. It seriously made my day. Me and my comp were just running into the VC real fast to grab my comp's scriptures. And there was a tour bus in front. #typical and this guy starts running up to me. And then I realized who it was ❤️ this Book of Mormon teacher changed my life. Also favorite class #maybebecauseofjakey hahaha 

also, sister baggett (from my Mtc district) and I got to go on exchanges Saturday night!! Haha. Our companions went to a baptism of this guy they they had taught in Kansas. I love her. And talk about everyone trusting us. Haha. We had been in the field for three days and they let us spend the whole afternoon and evening teaching members and contacting/tracking for new investigators. Haha. She's the best though. 
The VC is soooo pretty ❤️❤️ and you can see the Christ statue in the window!! #myfave

Also, sunsets at the VC are my favorite. Every night, all the VC sisters meet in front of the Christ statue and sing a few hymns, say a prayer, and exchange keys. It's my favorite. 

This gospel really changes lives. 

Sunday, We tried to organize a member to give one of our investigators, Kyle, a ride to church. But messed up the address. Haha. Anyways, he walked TWO HOURS to church just so he could go to the last hour. Like what?! He's a rockstar. 

I love you all. God is real. He answers prayers and He loves us. He absolutely will testify to us the truths of this life. We just have to ask Him. 

Sister Morgan


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