Monday, June 20, 2016

Elder Hamula visit to MIM and the move to KC!

Hello Family!
This week has been absolutely insane! There has been so much that has happened. It feels like we were hardly in our area, but the Lord still provided so many miracles. 

On Tuesday, we had zone conference (where half the mission gets together from 8am - 4pm for breakfast, conference, lunch, and more conference :). We went to Lenexa, KS for zone conference. Elder Hamula from the Seventy and his wife, Sister Hamula came to speak to us. It was so amazing. Elder Hamula talked to us a lot about repentance and the importance of living the gospel of Jesus Christ. He changed my whole perspective on developing faith, it was incredible! Something else that I loved especially about repentance that day was how repentance is truly just TURNING to God. We leave the natural man behind and strive to make His will, our will. It is also probably the hardest thing to do, but I have loved this time that I have on a mission to strive to turn more consistently towards Him - in essence, to consecrate my all to Him. Mosiah 3:19 is one of my favorite scriptures as well about this that we talked about with him. 

After the conference, we had our first new member lesson with Liz!! We decided to teach her favorite lesson - the Plan of Salvation. It was so amazing! The biggest thing I have learned from Liz is how to love the Plan of Salvation. I have always loved this plan that our Heavenly Father has for us, but she loves it so deeply. We got through half the lesson and showed her so many amazing scriptures with her and decided to just have a continuation of that lesson on Thursday night. Teaching her is seriously such a joy.    Apparently there was a shooting in Florida? idk we don't know anything as missionaries, but that lesson really touched her because of that. I know that everyone after this life will go home to that God who gave them life and be in a state of rest and peace. I know that God loves us because of this plan. 
During our lessons with her, we pretty much read scriptures with her and bear testimony and cry with her. They are the most spiritual moments. 

On Wednesday! We had the opportunity to have an MLC with Elder and Sister Hamula!! It was again incredible!! I learned so much about the importance of consecration and faith. It was so incredible to be in a room with someone who leaves their witness of Christ with us and is able to receive specific direct revelation for our mission. He loved visiting the MIM!  I also absolutely love President Vest. Every time we have MLC with him, I am able to feel the love that he has for us. It was such a powerful meeting. 
After MLC, we helped a less active member move in like 105 degree weather with SO much humidity! It was great! haha, I really do love serving people though. One of my favorite parts about them mission. 
Then, we had a lesson with our friend, Connie. A member invited her over for dinner before the lesson and had the lesson in their home.. aka #miracle. It makes SUCH A DIFFERENCE having a lesson in a member's home. The Spirit is so much stronger. We are so grateful for the O'Laughlins. <3

Thursday, we planned, tried to write our Sunday talks for the YSA AND prepare to train at zone trainings (Friday). And we had three lessons set up in the afternoon and evening. And to top off the stress level, we got a call from housing to tell us that we were MOVING to KC Saturday afternoon (directly after our exchange with the sisters in Sedalia! woo!) haha. Thursday through Sunday were the most stressful days! 

So on to Friday, We drove out to Warrensburg, MO (boonies ha) to train at zone training, I gave a training on our potential as missionaries and consecration. Then we exchanged with the Sedalia sisters! I got to be with Sister Whitehead! We served at the VC together forever ago! She is the best ever! and SOO fun! 

After exchanges on Saturday, we packed our apartment up and after a year of living in Independence (said in Missouri redneck accent), I said goodbye and we made the move to KC! Yay for living in our area finally! Our new apartment is SO cute and SO nice! and guess what! new carpets!!! I never realized that new carpets could be such a tender mercy until I came out on my mission.  We also now get to run in the mornings in a cute safe neighborhood instead of crazy-town Independence. haha

We had stake conference in KC on Saturday and Sunday with Elder and Sister Spackman and then we both gave talks in the YSA for Father's Day! I spoke on Jesus Christ and His relationship with Heavenly Father and how we can follow His example to strengthen our relationship with Heavenly Father. It apparently went alright! We felt so unprepared because we were just a ball of stress all week! haha

ok, this email is too long, mostly writing it because I had zero time to write in my journal this week. so now I won't forrget the most stressful week in the mission. haha, thanks for listening. 

Also, we are still preparing Ny'Vea to be baptized on Saturday! We are so excited!!

Some pictures:
zone conference with my cute companion - she is a blessing to have during stressful weeks like these!

MLC lunch @ the mission home

MLC "Relief Society picture"

pday selfie at the library because we had no pictures from the week


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