Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Long time, no see... Or email. Haha

Sooo... I just typed up a loonng email for y'all andddd.. It got erased 

So talk to ya next week! Ha. Just kidding. But seriously, technology sometimes. 

First things first.. First transfers! And welcome to Tuesday p-day with this transfer! I am staying in my ward (inde 4th ward) which I am sooo happy about. I love it. I could seriously serve my whole mission in this ward and be totally okay with it. The members are amazing and I love all the people we meet in the area. 
Yesterday, we took one of the youth in the ward out with us on a team up and it was so fun! We found 3 new investigators with her there! #miracle

We also had the BEST day on Thursday with the youth. We taught them their mutual activity lesson and it was soo fun. We tried to give them a little MTC experience. We taught them our favorite parts of the plan of salvation. (This is the part that I had typed out in my last email but.... It was soo long. Haha. So maybe another time. We gave the a lesson that focused on the scripture, Moses 1:39, which I could literally talk to you about for hours, so it will probs come up another week)
But we shared with them how much our Heavenly Father and Savior love us. Our Savior, Jesus Christ, died for us in order for us to have the opportunity to experience eternal life and be able to live in God's presence. 
Then, we talked to them about missionary work and finding missionary opportunities. That was my favorite part. We got to teach them all about using social media for sharing the gospel and invited them all to make a Mormon.org profile and share it online (soo... Here's mine, we always like to do the same commitments we leave with people we teach haha. http://www.mormon.org/me/H6QC/Cydne). We also challenged them to share a Book of Mormon with a friend of acquaintance at school this school year and helped the, find ways to do that. The Book of Mormon is amazing. If any of you haven't read it, read it. It changes lives. 

Ah! I LOVE working with the youth. It is my favorite thing. And I still consider myself a youth, so really it's just a party. We even snuck into the Laurel class at church this week because we couldn't stay away :) ALSO, we got the idea we had for mini-missions approved by the bishop! We are having youth come out with us for a whole weekend and be our "mini-missionary". We are gonna have them sleepover with us and do a shift at the VC! I'm so excited for it :)

Afterwards at the VC... We may or may not have blasted efy music in the car all the way there. He he. 

Last p-day, my bae, Hermana Cuevas taught us how to make arroz con leche :) she is the cutest person ever. She was having all the American sisters teach her all the English slang and idioms. Haha, "bae" is one of them. 

Hermana Cuevas got transferred to someone in Kansas which was so sad. We had to say goodbye to her Thursday morning :( 
Afterwards, Sister Hansen and I took all the new missionaries that came in (29!) through the VC in the morning before they met their new companions. It was so fun. 

Also with transfers, we got a sister from Tonga that is serving in the VC and that lives in the Willis house with us :) Sister Hafoka. I told her I was on Tonga last summer and her face was priceless. Haha. Here's us at the temple lot across the street from the VC. Ps. She has the prettiest hair in the world. I told her she can't wear her hair in a bun anymore after I saw it down. She just laughed. Haha. It is seriously so long though. 

Poor sis hurt her knee the other day in p-day sports so we made her roll around in this all day. Haha. We got to act out one of the scenes in God's Plan for His Family with her as the grandma. Feat. Sis. Helmbold as grandpa. Hahahah

The Wednesday before transfers they have a departure breakfast for all the sisters that are going home that were serving in the VC and the Liberty Jail, which means we had to say goodbye to Sister K. Hansen. 

She is seriously amazing. She gave me so much perspective and motivation to be diligent on the mission. She has a testimony like none other.   Here are all the sisters from the breakfast :)

Miracle moment: we had a lesson with our investigator on Friday and wow. So many miracles I could tell you about in that short amount of time. But, his sweet mom finally agreed to sit in on the lesson! The lesson was the best we've ever taught. The Spirit was so strong and they were both so focused (which is abnormal) it was a miracle. We taught the Restoration to them and invited her to read the Book of Mormon.    Another miracle.. Normally, there are like 10 people over at their house and it's always madness and so just having it be them two was amazing. No joke, as soon as we said the "Amen" to the closing prayer, the door opened and the rest of the family came home from the pool.  #tendermercies
They also invited us to their Civil War reenactment on Saturday which was soo fun!

Kyle was so happy that we came. Haha he showed us everything in the little "village" including the tent he slept in the other night...

He said they didn't smile back in Civil War times so he wouldn't smile for any of our pictures. Haha. He came to church on Sunday with his beard shaved off! And walked in with the biggest smile ever. It was the cutest thing. He was so happy to be at church. It was the best. Please pray for Kyle and his mom, Candi. They are so amazing and it has been such a blessing to witness all the miracles that have happened in the last two months. We are hoping to put Kyle on date to get baptized later this month! :)

We "introduced" (we can't call it hazing... He he. Jk. It really wasn't) the new Willis sisters to the Willis dungeon. Aka our sketchy basement that we get to hang out in during tornados :)

That awkward moment when Jehovah's Witnesses leave this on the door of the house that 8 Mormon missionaries live at. Haha.

Oh and also!
I caught a firefly this week finally! Except the picture doesn't show it :(

Everyone.. I love you all. So much. I love hearing from you. And wow. I hope EVERYONE is having fun in Hawaii! Haha. I mean... Missouri's got the humidity, the heat, and all the Polynesian people though :) just missing the ocean I guess. Haha. 

I hope you are all having a great last few weeks of summer :)
Thanks so much for the support and all you do for me. Remember to pray everyday this week and read the scriptures. You really will begin to notice a difference in your life as you make those a priority. :)

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