Thursday, December 24, 2015

Merry Christmas Eve! 🎄

Sunday we picked Darlene and her family up for church. Right before sacrament started, I looked over at Darlene and she is bouncing in her seat smiling so much and just kept saying, "I'm so excited!" We are so looking forward to her baptism. We are going over to her house this evening to give all her little kids their Christmas presents from the Ward :) I love them.

We also had a small little gift exchange at the VC with all the sisters. It was so fun! We got Elder Wagner, one of the senior elders, a very special gift. Haha. The night before we found a dead mouse in our house and so we put it in his gift. In the bag we wrote, "merry Christmas you filthy animal!" It was soooo funny watching him open it.

The elders and us also went over to our Ward mission leader's house for correlation. I love our Ward mission leader. Him and his family are hilarious. He made us these pineapple drinks and gave us cute little Christmas gifts. The members are too nice to missionaries.

Our Christmas plans include waking up at 5am to open presents with all the sisters at the Willis house, going to the VC at 7:30am for a little Christmas morning training and then we are calling home and then going to eat dinner with a member family, help set up for a wedding, and then go caroling with the elders to the less active members.

Anyways, I don't too much else to say, I'll talk to some of you all tomorrow!!!

Love you! Have a merry Christmas everyone! I love being a missionary over Christmas and getting to talk about the real reason for Christmas with others. It is the best.

Sister Morgan

Sister MorganHello family!

Merry Christmas Eve!
This week has been so good and full of so many miracles. Weird that it
is already Christmas!! I seriously feel like I just got out here
yesterday, but today actually marks 6 months since being in Missouri!
Time goes by so fast!!

A little bit about our week and then I'll write a bit about our
Christmas plans :)

Friday and Saturday I went on exchanges with Sister Muñoz in North
Kansas City! It was probably one of the highlights of my week... Which
is weird because it seems like forever ago!! It was so nice to be out
of my area.. and just relax a little bit. Haha. And sister muñoz is
amazing! I served with her in the VC my first three months and we
always would joke with each other that we will be companions one
day... That day finally came!! Haha we are still waiting our longer
companionship :) North Kansas City is right by the temple and you
can see the temple from their apartment which is so fun! The whole
exchange I just kept telling her how normal people were out there ..
Nothing like independence that's for sure! Haha.


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