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Re: hello happy transfer week!!! : Photo Edition! Ha

Last VC day

From a while ago, the whole Missouri Independence Mission!! 

The Menas <3

Sister Morgan

On Jan 25, 2016, at 3:23 PM, Cydne Morgan <> wrote:

Hello from Kansas City!!!!

I am in heaven with this transfer! I got transferred to the Kansas City 1st Ward with Sister HIXON!! So crazy!  President Vest called me Tuesday evening like 5 hours before transfer calls and told me the news that I would be Sister Hixon as a Sister Training Leader in KC1 and I just about died. Sister Hixon and I were in the MTC together and served at the VC together and lived at the Willis together for 6 months so to say it was a happy reunion is an understatement!  She is the absolute cutest. 

Our adorable humble abode :) 


A little bit about my new area:

it is the cutest ever! It is downtown Kansas City and the Plaza is in our area. Right now, we are emailing from the coolest library that is right downtown. We also just went to Cheesecake Factory right across the street. It is Sister Oldroyd's birthday today and they made the trek from Independence to come to lunch! 

It is also huge! A part of Kansas is in the area. and woah. I always heard people joking about the difference between the Kansas side and the Missouri side of KC and there IS a difference! haha. Kansas is like super nice and classy! oh and also, if you remember me ever saying how people in Independence are crazy.. yeah, well outside of Independence is so normal! I have lost every single social skill I thought I had kept. I do not know how to talk to normal people anymore haha but it is great! I love it so much!

We are also over the YSA Branch, which area is even bigger! and talk about having no social skills.. yep. haha but it is awesome! I love it. 

what else... oh! we get so many referrals in this area, which is the biggest blessing. It is mostly people who order free Bibles from that we get to go deliver to them and also talk to them about the Book of Mormon. It is awesome and there are so many miracles that come from it. We get like 2 a day! Over the weekend we contacted 12 of these referrals and found 8 new investigators from it!

OH! the Toblers from Palo Verde ward are in my ward also!!! They walked into church and I was like, wait! the Toblers are in this ward! hahah, it was so crazy and so fun! 

ALSO, remember the miracle story I told last week about that lady we found at the bus stop and had to transfer to another set of missionaries? yeah? well.... I GET TO TEACH HER!! #thisistheLord'swork  #Heisinthedetails. Truly though, He is in the details of not only this work, but all our lives. I know that. 

The Kansas City Chiefs Coach is also in my ward and so many other amazing people. I love it already and can't wait to get to know the ward better. :) 

Anyways, about my last week and a half...

well first off, it was my last week serving in the Visitors Center, which was truly bitter sweet. I can't even begin to describe all the amazing experiences I have had there. It is where I truly gained a testimony of this gospel, not only these past 7 months but when I came here years ago.  It has been a huge tender mercy to be able to serve there. I know that our Heavenly Father truly knows each and every one of us. He knows us perfectly and loves us perfectly. I know that being able to serve in the VC was an opportunity for me to strengthen my testimony of that.  seriously, I can't really describe to you the feelings I have about that place and the privilege it was to serve there. 


Last teaching center at the VC :(


Goodbyes in HillPark.. It feels like I was only in Hill Park ward for like a week! It went by so fast! But I had to say goodbye to a few families that were huge tender mercies for me being there. 

and thenn... transfers pretty much! I have the worst memory. My momma went home this transfer too!! Her posterity picture! :) oh yeah! My baby, Sister Flake got a training call this transfer! Lil cutie ☺️


To say goodbye to my beloved Willis House that I spent the first 7.5 months of my mission in, we had a sleepover downstairs the night before transfers. Lights out everyone praying by 10:28pm! haha. #missionaries

I again just want to testify to you all that the Lord answers prayers. This transfer is a huge answer to a prayer that I never thought could be answered in such a perfect way, but I was wrong. The Lord loves you. He knows you and He knows what you are going through. I love this gospel and the comfort we receive from knowing these eternal truths. We know where we are going after this life and that we can be with our families forever through holy temples and covenants we make in them. I am so grateful for this restored gospel and for my Savior, who made this all possible. He is the light and the life of this world. I feel so privileged to be able to serve Him. 

I have been learning so much recently about how to really do His will and how we can receive specific direct answers to prayers as we have the Spirit with is. Having the Spirit with us as our constant companion is SO important! Do everything to have the Spirit with you everyone! It is such an amazing gift we receive after baptism. We have to remain worthy of it though. 

{my cute comp and i}

I love you all and I hope you have a great week!!

Sister Morgan


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