Monday, April 11, 2016

We escaped!!!

Hello family!

This week has been so amazing! It has been so full of miracles!!!

First off, we just had an amazing PDAY activity!! Our bishop loves
break out rooms and so he made a "Mormon Break Out Room" for the
missionaries a while back and let us go through it this afternoon! We
only had an hour to escape and we got out in 48 minutes!!!

I started another read of the Book of Mormon this week and am focusing
on Christ and His attributes this time around. Let me tell you all,
this book is ALL about Christ. I absolutely love the Book of Mormon
and the answers that I receive by reading it.

Liz is doing so well! We had a lesson with her and Ryan and Hannah
from the branch down on the Plaza and it was easily one of the
highlights of my mission. The spirit was so strong. She has so much
real intent it is amazing.

That is something that I have been learning as I have been reading
from e beginning of the Book of Mormon. Nephi is always thirsting
after knowledge. His brothers are as well, however, they lack the real
intent and humility that Nephi had. I love that we can learn from
Nephi's example in the Book of Mormon. If we desire to know that the
Book of Mormon is the word of God, we can search it out and ASK our
Heavenly Father in prayer if it is true and receive an answer!

Sister Hixon and I went to MLC on Wednesday and then on Friday we
trained at the Kansas City zone training! This MLC was amazing. I am
so so sooo grateful and so blessed to be apart of that amazing meeting
each month. My testimony is strengthened continually.

Also! Sister Pahuiri and I were in exchanges this week and we
accidentally found ourselves in an hour long "bible bash" with Jehovah
Witnesses (kindly known as the JDubs) with OUR investigator. Haha.
Don't worry, we finally escaped. We didn't know who they were when
they invited us in and then we went back to see how our investigator
was a couple hours later and she said that she didn't want to join
their church and would start reading the Book of Mormon!! Success!
Ha... Hopefully

Anyways, this week was amazing! I love this gospel and love each of
you! Have a great week! I can't wait to hear from you all!!

Sister Morgan


>> got to see Sister Helmbold at MLC!
>> took a picture in the font when we took our cute investigator, Scott, on a church tour! He is the best!
>> exchanges with the Clinton sisters!!


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