Monday, August 8, 2016

Miracles and Milagros! :)


Another week gone! This week has been so incredible. Seriously,
miracles everyday.

The biggest miracle is MARIELLA! One day we were out in our area
walking and the thought came to me of an old investigator that I
taught way back in March that speaks Spanish and who moved up to the
Shoal Creek Ward. I kept thinking about her and realized that the
missionaries in that ward don't speak Spanish that my companion does
speak Spanish!! We were able to get permission to go into that area
and see her and to start teaching her!! Her phone didn't work, but we
decided to pray a lot and go to her house and just pray that she would
be there at the time that we said we would go, and SHE WAS! She let us
right in and was so happy to see us. She is the sweetest thing ever. I
can't remember if I told you all her story a while back when I was
teaching her. Shortened version (and simplified, because she speaks a
mile a minute and in Spanish): Her dad was a member back in Mexico
and she remembered that elders would come over and teach her mom when
she was like 6. Right before we knocked on her door, she had been
praying for like a week for God to tell her who she really was and
that she would come in contact with good people to help her. *knock
knock* she lets us right in immediately and tells us of her aunt who
is also a member in France and how she could feel the Spirit that we
had and wanted to talk about God with us. So we started teaching her,
she started reading the Book of Mormon and wanted to be baptized, and
then... she moved. And now, WE FOUND HER! She loved Hermana Guerrero
and her Spanish. haha. I am definitely having to work real hard to fix
my Spanish back up. Hermana Guerrero and I do every other day Spanish
only days, so hopefully, my Spanish will get better!

#findingthehumble started this week! haha we were allowed to start
proselyting in the trailer parks of our area!! woo! This part of area
had been closed for missionaries for like 2 years and I was so bummed
when I got here because I LOVE trailer parks, but we called President
Vest after talking to our ward mission leader about opening it and he
didn't know why it had ever been closed! We tracted a little bit there
this week and found some amazing people. The people in this area are
SO NICE! Such a culture shock haha.

We also went on exchanges this week! I was with Sister Baggett in her
area! throwback to the exchange we went on when we both had only been
out for 3 days lol. She is so incredible and I learned so much from
her. It was so fun! We talked a lot about improvement and progression
as a missionary and also a real person and it was just super
inspiring. My favorite part of this gospel is the knowledge that we
can change. We can improve and change our natures to become more like
the Savior because of His Atonement. I have felt that in my life. I
have grown so much as I have relied on His grace to help me. I know He

We also had a few lessons with Will and they were so awesome! We were
able to teach him a lot about the Plan of Salvation using the Book of
Mormon, which is what we had been praying to be able to do with him.
There is a scripture in 1 Nephi 15:34 that I was studying one morning
before going over to their house and we decided to read a chapter from
the Book of Mormon with us and THEY chose that very same chapter. We
were praying that Will would ask a question that we could teach
something from the lessons with and that is the only scripture he had
a question about! As I was studying that morning, I realized that it
is teaching about the kingdoms of glory in a way. Our Heavenly Father
loves us so much that He created 3 different kingdoms for us to live
in so that all of us would be happy. We taught this to Will (who
previously strongly believed in there only being a Heaven and a Hell)
and he sat there for a moment and just said, "that sounds so much more
like the loving God that I know". The Spirit was so strong and it was
just such a cool moment!

The jail is still as incredible as ever. My testimony of the Atonement
of Jesus Christ is being strengthened everyday. I know He loves us
more than we can imagine and comforts and refines us as we go through
our trials. I am so grateful for the trials I have had throughout my
life, big and small, because they are why I am the way that I am

I hope you all have a great week this coming week! I hope everyone who
is going back to school has super awesome first days of school :)

Sister Morgan

- #findingthehumble project day 1 - also the day I got roasted. We
walked all day and it was SO HOT
- Will and Amanda's family. They had us over for sundaes and a Book of
Mormon read ☺️
- Exchange selfies :)


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