Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Temple Tuesday is back!

Hello Family!!

Sorry about not telling you about the late pday today! but today, we
got to go to the TEMPLE!! It was so so so good. My love for the
temple just increases every time I have the opportunity to go. It
truly is the house of the Lord. The peace that we can feel in the
temple is worth every sacrifice of time to spend time there. ((I also
snuck a little moment in the sealing room to reminisce and remember
5.19.2016☺️)) Sister Jones and I also got to retake our MTC picture
when we happened to be at the temple the same day!

A little bit about our incredible week as usual:

We had a couple lessons with Will and Amanda this week. I absolutely
love them. I have learned the most valuable lessons from them and
their marriage. They love God so much. I just know that I was needed
to be in this area for Will. They have changed my life. We taught them
about the temple and about eternal marriage this week. The Spirit was
so strong during the lessons. I just love how much Heavenly Father
truly LOVES us! He gave us the HUGE blessing of temples and the
restored authority to seal in heaven what is sealed on earth. AND not
only for us in our baptism/marriage but for those who have passed on.
This gospel is almost too good to be real.

We also had a lesson with our sweet Mariella. My Spanish is... well
hopefully improving. (but sidenote, people from Puerto Rico speak a
different kind of Spanish ha... there is a less active couple who had
us over for breakfast and only spoke Spanish and I understood less
than a little of it. haha and then, I asked Hermana Guerrero what they
asked me and the husband responded with "No! Don't speak to her in
English. She has to learn Spanish" ha, but the bought us donuts to
take home afterwards:) Anyways, Mariella is so incredible. The
lesson we had with her was so Spirit led. There was one point in the
lesson where she was telling my companion a lot of the concerns that
she has and the fears that she has of the world today. I couldn't
understand most of it but there was one point where I felt strongly
prompted to bear my testimony to her in the simple way that I knew
how. I did and told her that we don't need to worry about the world
because we have a Savior. I know that He lives and that we can find
joy and peace in this life as we rely on His Atonement. The Spirit was
so strong and she started to tear up. I was so grateful that I was
given the words that I needed to say at that moment.

ZONE CONFERENCE was on Thursday. They asked me to train at zone
conference. I thought I had gotten out of training at one of those big
meetings because I wasn't an STL anymore.. ha nope, but it went well!
Zone Conference was so good though! There are so many miracles taking
place in our mission it is incredible! I realized that the next
mission conference that I go to will be my last and I will have to
give my departing testimony which makes me sick. Time goes by wayyyyy
too fast! One of the missionaries who gave their departing testimony
was sweet Sister Delange! I love getting to hear departing
testimonies. I truly believe that the biggest miracle that is taking
place in the mission is the conversion and change that is taking place
in all the missionaries from when they start their mission to when
they go home. It was so good to be able to see Sister Delange at zone
conference though! There are so many people in KC that I taught that
are getting baptized super soon!! So excited to go to those baptisms!

And wow, as you have heard before, I just love the Liberty Jail. I
have never felt the Spirit so strong in my life. My testimony of the
Atonement of Jesus Christ has grown so much. I know that our Savior
loves us and knows everything that we go through. He died for us so
that we can find new life. I love being a missionary and being able
to share this beautiful message with others. It fills my heart.

I love you all so much! Good luck to those who are starting school this week!!!
Sister Morgan

And now, time for pictures!!

- meet the new jailor of Liberty Jail!
- just kidding, the new prisoner :) (with the skirt my sis wore on
her mission ☺️)
- zone conference! This sister in the mission painted this mural for
President and Sister Vest. It's their family tree and all of the
missionaries that have served under them have a leaf on the tree. Ik,
- donut run! Yesterday, my comp and I ran 2 miles to get to Morning
Sports (MOSPO) at the church building and then all the sisters treated
ourselves to Lamar's donuts afterwards :)
- throwback to the Mtc with sister jones at the temple :)
- the Lovells who took us to the temple this morning :)
- lunch after the temple at Longboards!


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