Monday, September 5, 2016

He changes us!

Hello Family!

This week has gone by super quick!
Happy Labor Day!!! I hope all the family who is hanging out in St.
George this weekend have been having a blast!

Church yesterday was so incredible! I love fast Sundays, really just
Sunday's in general.

Last pday, we got a little surprise when Sister Helmbold and her comp
came to our PDAY to hang out for a bit!

I am having such a hard time even remembering what we did this week
but it was so good. I love the Liberty Jail so much. Our Ward is
amazing as well. We are starting a 40 day fast with he Ward tomorrow.
Every day for 40 days, a member (or more) has signed up to fast to
help someone hey know come closer to Christ. The Ward is super pumped
about it! Seriously this Ward is celestial. I was sitting in PEC
yesterday morning just completely in awe. Every PEC/Ward Council is so
spiritual. Our bishop is incredible.

At FMTM this week at the VC, President Vest did a whole training on my
favorite story in the Book of Mormon, ether 2-3 about the Brother of
Jared. It was so incredible and just what I needed to hear. I love
learning how our Heavenly Father answers prayers in those chapters. He
will sometimes tell us exactly the answer. Other times, He trusts us
enough to have us tell Him our ideas and do everything we can first. I
love that our Heavenly Father has so much faith in us and wants to
help us grow. It is something that I have seen so much on my mission.
In others and in myself. 15 months ago, I never thought I would be the
person that I am today. I never thought that the Atonement of Jesus
Christ could change my nature this much - truly changing my desires.
But through Him, everything is possible. We can become more like Him
and strengthen our weaknesses so much. I. Love. This. Gospel.

And I love all of you!!! Have such a great week!
Sister Morgan

- when Sister Baggett underestimated how far this guy's house was and
we ended up walking 3.5 miles to an appt. one night. Haha
- after TMTM! We trained on the history of the jail and did some role
plays in the rotunda! :)
- when you love your companion so much that you have to cover your
eyes so you stop distracting her during her language study by just
wanting to chat. Haha.
- at the Emmett's house. They make "man cakes" for all the
missionaries. Pretty much a giant pancake the size of a whole griddle.
Haha. Sister Baggett and I passed this time and watched the elders
suffer. I absolutely LOVE this family though. Hey are the absolute
- we crashed FMTM at the VC too when President and Sister Vest came. I
just love the Vests.
- driving back to Liberty and our poor baby, Sister Eraso, was soo sleepy ☺️
- tryi toto remake that video of that cute little girl... But, got
interrupted by people comin out of their house. Haha


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