Monday, September 5, 2016

Oops. The rest of the pictures.

Sister Morgan

> On Sep 5, 2016, at 2:41 PM, Cydne Morgan <> wrote:
> Hello Family!
> This week has gone by super quick!
> Happy Labor Day!!! I hope all the family who is hanging out in St.
> George this weekend have been having a blast!
> Church yesterday was so incredible! I love fast Sundays, really just
> Sunday's in general.
> Last pday, we got a little surprise when Sister Helmbold and her comp
> came to our PDAY to hang out for a bit!
> I am having such a hard time even remembering what we did this week
> but it was so good. I love the Liberty Jail so much. Our Ward is
> amazing as well. We are starting a 40 day fast with he Ward tomorrow.
> Every day for 40 days, a member (or more) has signed up to fast to
> help someone hey know come closer to Christ. The Ward is super pumped
> about it! Seriously this Ward is celestial. I was sitting in PEC
> yesterday morning just completely in awe. Every PEC/Ward Council is so
> spiritual. Our bishop is incredible.
> At FMTM this week at the VC, President Vest did a whole training on my
> favorite story in the Book of Mormon, ether 2-3 about the Brother of
> Jared. It was so incredible and just what I needed to hear. I love
> learning how our Heavenly Father answers prayers in those chapters. He
> will sometimes tell us exactly the answer. Other times, He trusts us
> enough to have us tell Him our ideas and do everything we can first. I
> love that our Heavenly Father has so much faith in us and wants to
> help us grow. It is something that I have seen so much on my mission.
> In others and in myself. 15 months ago, I never thought I would be the
> person that I am today. I never thought that the Atonement of Jesus
> Christ could change my nature this much - truly changing my desires.
> But through Him, everything is possible. We can become more like Him
> and strengthen our weaknesses so much. I. Love. This. Gospel.
> And I love all of you!!! Have such a great week!
> Sister Morgan
> Pictures!
> -pday!
> - when Sister Baggett underestimated how far this guy's house was and
> we ended up walking 3.5 miles to an appt. one night. Haha
> - after TMTM! We trained on the history of the jail and did some role
> plays in the rotunda! :)
> - when you love your companion so much that you have to cover your
> eyes so you stop distracting her during her language study by just
> wanting to chat. Haha.
> - at the Emmett's house. They make "man cakes" for all the
> missionaries. Pretty much a giant pancake the size of a whole griddle.
> Haha. Sister Baggett and I passed this time and watched the elders
> suffer. I absolutely LOVE this family though. Hey are the absolute
> best.
> - we crashed FMTM at the VC too when President and Sister Vest came. I
> just love the Vests.
> - driving back to Liberty and our poor baby, Sister Eraso, was soo sleepy ☺️
> - tryi toto remake that video of that cute little girl... But, got
> interrupted by people comin out of their house. Haha
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