Tuesday, December 13, 2016

A few more weeks of crazy adventures!

So this week has been an adventure that's for sure!

I got in my first car accident on my mission last night! Woo! haha just kidding it was like super scary and my comp and I have been in so much pain since then, but we are okay and alive! so it is all good! 

This week has flown by! Last Monday night, we went to the nativity that a few members put together for the community and we sang some Christmas songs before it started. 

Tuesday night, the sweetest thing ever happened to me. One of my favorite members, Tami, signed up to feed us and wanted to make me some comfort food and make my favorite thing. But, when you have not been picking your own food out for 18 months, you kind of forget what your favorite food is so I told her the typical answer of just making whatever. Anyways, she ended up fb messaging Sister Baggett and asking her what food I like and then made such a yummy Indian food dinner. It was the sweetest thing and seriously just made my night. <3

I went to my last MLC on Wednesday which was like the worst thing ever. It was so sad. I had to bear my departing testimony at MLC. I don't really even know how to describe my feelings honestly. I just can't believe that I am at that point in my mission where departing testimonies even affect me. The time went by wayy faster than I ever imagined. Something that I shared at MLC that has become so meaningful to me recently though has been how the Savior really does know us. He totally understands what it feels like to feel like your "mission" was too short. What it feels like to be sad to leave the amazing people you met on your mission and how it will be a rough transition. Everything. He understands. He listens. and most importantly, He loves. I am so grateful for a loving Savior. 

On Thursday, we got to go to the temple!! Sister Russell took us to the temple which was the best thing ever. I just love her and her family more and more every day. Someone who got baptized last year in one of Sister Murdoch's old areas went through the temple in the morning and also got sealed! It was such a special experience. I also saw a few people from my old areas! One who was baptized while I was there and has since received her endowment and been sealed. It was so amazing to see her in the temple <3

Friday we trained in Zone Training. I gave a training on the Role of the Holy Ghost. There was a scripture that I was reading in the Book of Mormon that I have just been thinking a lot about this week. It was in 3 Nephi 2:1. I was thinking of how remembering the experiences that we have had feeling the Holy Ghost helps us to not feel less astonished with the gospel. 

So many other things happened this week but those were the highlights! Until next week!
Love you all!
Sister Morgan

- Tami and I and her wonderful Indian food
- temple!
- the Greens!
- after our car accident :( we got hot chocolate though!
- a picture of the nativity from last week :)


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