Monday, February 23, 2015

100 days left.

Today, as I prepare to enter the MTC in 100 days, I am full of gratitude. 
I am grateful 
for a beautiful perspective on life.  
for an amazing family who is so supportive of my decision to serve.  
for a loving Father in Heaven who really is involved in every detail of my life.  
for the gift of the Holy Ghost that I am able to better listen and do what the Lord wants me to do.  
for the faith that I have.  
for my perfect mission call that I can return to the oh so sacred spot of Independence, Missouri.
for amazing friends that I get to associate with so frequently.  
for the school that I go to and the environment that I am privileged to be apart of.  
for the blessings of the temple

this is a picture i took at one of the most special places to me.. haun's mill. i visited this church history site many years ago with an amazing group of friends. i felt the spirit so strongly in this place as we learned and taught about what happened in this field in 1838. it is probably one of the first times i felt the spirit so strongly. as i prepare to enter the mission field in {100} days, i am constantly thinking about how grateful i am for the privilege to feel that very same spirit i felt there everyday of my life. 
it is a constant support for me and guides me through my trials. 
to understand and learn more about the spirit of our heavenly father, watch this video:

the feeling i felt and what i learned here changed my life. 


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