Monday, July 27, 2015

Celebrity Sightings in Independence

Hello All!

His week has been complete craziness. But as usual, miracles all around. Here's. Few fun things that happened this week:

Monday night, we went my visited the sweetest little old lady in our ward. Her name is Sister Moyer. She is 93 years old and the chorister for Sacrament meeting. She is from Japan and wow. Just so precious. Her husband passed away 8 years ago. She always talks about him and the advice he would give her.  This week's advice was:
If someone says something that offends you or says something that isn't true about you, as long as you, in your heart, know it isn't true, don't worry about it. 
I love it. So simple. 

She is seriously the cutest thing. 

We went to Cracker Barrel with the Andrees in our ward. Wow. Talk about memories from home. I'm gonna miss Labor Day in St George with you all! They had just gotten back from Vegas last weekend too. So literally, the whole dinner we were talking about home while eating at one of my favorite restaurants. Haha but they are the cutest couple. She is the sweetest, always making sure we get fed every night. Haha

Ah! Now to the celebrities. But first, just gonna say again how much I love the VC. It is an absolutely incredible blessing to be able to bear your testimony to so many people each and every day. (Especially when outside of the VC, no one cares to listen๐Ÿ˜ฌ haha). But seriously, I want to challenge each of you to bear your testimony out loud each day this week. Preferable to someone, but even just out loud by yourself. You learn so much about what you know when you do that. Even simple testimonies are powerful.   So celebrity sightings have been:
 - Elder Jeffrey R. Holland.  Well, that was last week but unfortunately he didn't come to the VC. He went to Liberty Jail with his family. EVERYONE go look up the "Lessons Learned at Liberty Jail" talk by him. Life. Changing. 
- Brad Wilcox. 
- John Bytheway! He came in yesterday with his tour group. SO COOL! His son was in my tour group! 

We got invited to this Samoan family reunion on Friday for dinner. It was the coolest. So there are about 3 Fuimaono families in each ears out here. And all of them are related plus every other Samoan out here. And they are the best. Story is that one of their ancestors joined the church back in Samoa and read in Doctrine and Covenants about Independence being Zion and moved here with his family generations ago. Anyways, they do a reunion every year for their Fam here, California, and Hawaii, and this year was missouri's year to host. It was so fun! They rented out the stake center because there were like 400 people here. It was filled with good Polynesian food, dancing, and just fun. Reminded me so much of Tonga. I miss the Pacific Islands but these people make me so happy. They know the gospel and they love family. Perfection. 


We got to clean Sandy's ceilings this week as well! Who knew ceilings needed to be cleaned. Haha


We also learned how to garden a bit with another member. Haha so much randomness this week. 

Our investigator, Kyle, is progressing so much. He is really coming to know for himself this gospel. We had a great lesson with him on Saturday and he came to church on Sunday... And now onto the church craziness... Try to follow along if possible. Haha

So ward council at 1. Church at 2, in which I had to give a talk in. While we were walking into the chapel, we were reminded that we are giving a short talk in primary. And... At the same time as that talk, we have to make an announcement in young women's for the mutual activity we are doing (I'll talk more about that in a bit. I'm so excited for it) anyways, gave the talk on D&C 135:3 and the Book of Mormon and how important and necessary the doctrine inside that book is for us. Then, we head over to primary and the teacher gets up and says that we are teaching the whole primary for 20 minutes.. ๐Ÿ˜ณ ha ha. Good thing we prepared. Haha. Anyways after running around the chapel looking for the elders and trying to keep these two children in class, we made it to young women's and found out the elders were teaching primary! Phew. Haha. Craziness. But it was so great. We got about 20 minutes of peace in Relief Society and it was great. 

Monday's are always great. Filled with car washing and grocery shopping with our favorite companionship. My comp discovered the panorama feature on the iPad. Haha

Also gotta love friends coming to visit at the VC and the indescribable level of awkwardness that taking pictures with boys is. Haha #missionarylife 

And when this happens at the VC ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ Elder Wagner. Haha

I love you all so much. Remember that your Heavenly Father cares so much about you. I am so grateful to have this gospel on my life. It has changed me. I cant imagine living this life without the knowledge of eternal families. I am so grateful for temples and the opportunity we have to be sealed with our families there forever. What a blessing.  The church is true. 

Sister Morgan


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