Monday, July 13, 2015

Miracles in the MIM!

Hello Fam and friends! 
How are you all doing!? Thanks so much for all the updates :) I love hearing how things are going back home in the "real world". Keep 'em comin :)

But as for me... "And my house, we will serve the Lord" 
Ha. Sorry, #missionarylife though. Just couldn't help it. (smh at myself) We shared that scripture with a Mormon message to the member family that we ate dinner with last night. Go look up "Choose this Day" Mormon message. It's awesome. 

Anyways, a few things about this past week:

But first, a short story that will hopefully make you laugh. If any of you remember the video I made for my Fam before I left, you'll remember this little quote from cute little lynds when asked about how being a big sis was..
"I love it!"  "Already?"  "Yep!"
That has been the motto for me these past couple weeks. People ask me how the mission had been and my response it.. I love it! Already! 
If you haven't seen the vid. Go watch it. Just the part of baby lynds though. Cause she was adorbs and I know she was low key waiting for a shoutout ;) I gotcha sis. 

Last Monday, we got stuck in our basement because of a tornado warning. Hahah it was so freaky. Sister Helmbold and I snuck out of the basement to look at the sky for a few seconds and the sky does turn green! Haha, we were laughing so hard because the sirens went off, and all of grab as much food as we could (which included ice cream that ended up melting ha) and ran downstairs and then watched the Joseph smith movie. Haha. #firstworldprobs haha but yes, we are safe :)

Oh yeah, besides ice cream we brought all the stuff downstairs to make musebi.. Some Polynesian lunch that sister Hansen taught us how to make. :)

Last Monday, we went to the Community of Christ temple and did a tour and went to their daily prayer service. In their museum, they have the original door to Liberty Jail and the original Joseph smith and Emma smith paintings ❤️

And now, the moment you/I've all been waiting for... MIRACLE TUESDAY!
So remember last week how I said that our Heavenly Father answers all of our prayers? And how we were already seeing miracles from the mission fast? Yeah, I really had no clue what I was talking about. And still probably don't. Those statements are both still 100% true but on Tuesday, I experienced them like no other. 
I was having a little bit of a hard time with the whole mission thing and just still getting used to the schedule etc. etc. and that morning, in my prayer, I just poured my heart out to Heavenly Father and I asked for three specific things.. To see a miracle related to missionary work, to find someone who really wanted to learn about the gospel, and to get some personal motivation for myself for this work. And wow.  He literally handed both of things to me within 5 hours. One, being within 10 minutes of me and my comp walking out the door. 
Wow. Miracle #1 of {so many}
A member called us as we were leaving our house and said she was on her way to the VC with a nonmember following behind her and she was gonna take him through God's Plan and it'd be a good idea for us to be there. She is golden. A cute little old lady from Finland. I'm literally obsessed with her. She served a mission when she was younger which would explain why she is the perfect member missionary in our ward. But we got there just as the presentation finished and got to teach her friend all about eternal families and families here on earth and how the Book of Mormon and this gospel blesses families so much. And it was just perfect. And really what I needed. 
Miracle #2
Had an amazing lesson with our investigator. We read 1 Nephi 1 with him and it was just amazing. It was the first time we felt that he was really able to get that personal need for reading the Book of Mormon which was awesome.
And THEN Miracle #3 (.2 minutes after that)
We were leaving pour investigator's house and we stopped to talk with this guy. And he was super nice but said he was heading out for work so just told him to have a good day and left. (Still on a high from how our lesson went) and then! He pulled up next to us in s truck and said "did I not seem interested enough to hear about what you two had to say?" Like WHAT. #missionarydreams right there. Anyways, he got our number and said he would text us (like ok, cue The Best Two Years mistake right here) BUT, he texted us like 15 minutes later and set up an appointment. 
So yeah, miracles happen and prayers are answered. 
The joy that we saw on our investigator's face when we were in the lesson. THAT is why I am here. THAT is my motivation for this work. Seeing how this gospel can bless others is amazing.  

So yes, Tuesday was amazing. All that happened before we even made it to the VC. And every second at the VC is literally a miracle. So yes, Miracle Tuesday was amazing. And yes, we celebrated with ice cream :)

Other amazing moment of the week:
Hahaha ok fine, so not really. But, we received a referral from Salt Lake for this address on Thursday. They wanted a free bible. So we had been meaning to go over there since then but just barely found the time to go last night. We are looking and looking for the address and we were so confused because there were no houses on this road. Just like businesses. So we started looking at their addresses and we found it! The address was a hotel address! Haha like what! So we were like, well, let's go in anyways. Who knows, maybe the person inside will be wanting to learn about the gospel. We said a prayer before we went in that we'd be able to help whoever we came in contact with in the hotel. Turns out, it was like we thought, the hotel manager was trying to get free copies of the bible for their hotel, which, isn't really our purpose in giving out free bibles. Haha anyways, we kept talking to the front desk lady and got to share with her the plan of salvation, gave her a Book of Mormon, and will hopefully be meeting with her soon. She had never heard of anything like it and seemed interested to learn more about it. 
Also, we found out, she normally doesn't work the evening shift.. Aka would not have been there the other evenings we had meant to go contact the referral. #miracles

Favorite quote from district meeting, "the highs of the high outweigh the lengths of the lows" so true. There are so many highs and lows but it has been amazing to see how the highs really cover up all the low moments and you forget all the people that have yelled at you or the feelings of inadequacy. This gospel is true. The Book of Mormon is true and it changes lives. Read it. As Joseph Smith said so well, "a man would get nearer to God by abiding by its precepts than by any other book". 

Here's a pic of finding people in the rain! More Miracle stories there too but y'all are probably sick of hearing from me. 

I love you all, I promise that you can find joy in every day and moment of life through the gospel of Jesus Christ. Because of what He has already done for us. 

Sister Morgan


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