Monday, July 6, 2015

Fireworks, Crazies, and Tornados. Oh My! Hahah

Hello from the MIM!

This past week flew by! Like its so crazy that it's already p-day again! 

Well, I'll go ahead and start with 4th of July. The 4th was so fun. We were on shift at the VC in the morning which was an answer to a prayer in and of itself. (We got asked to switch shifts the night before) I knew that Sister Ewell's youth group from Vegas would be there that morning and was so bummed I wouldn't get to see them. But, turns out, Heavenly Father is not only aware of our needs in this life, but also our wants and desires. I am constantly in awe at the love that He has for each and every one of us. And allowing others to see that love and feel of that love is such an amazing thing to be apart of.  
I took a try of the 55 youth on a tour of the whole VC. I loved it. I love seeing where I was 5 years ago and hearing how their trip has already changed their life like it did mine. I feel such a connection with them because if it weren't for those three weeks, I would not be on a mission right now. Walking where the prophet walked and learning about the saints in the area is so inspiring and it makes me want to always be striving to be better. It's so cool to be apart of the spirit teaching during tours. Every. Single. History tour is completely different that I take. And obviously not because the history changes each time but because the people that come through change and our Heavenly Father needs each one of them to learn different things. The Spirit is vital in the tours on helping them understand what they are to learn and take away from their visit. My favorite part about the VC life :) I learn something new every single tour. It's the best. 

Here's most of the VC sisters outside of the VC (feat. Community of Christ temple in the reflection. Haha)


So patriotic. It was presh. After our shift, we went to dinner at a member's house and then helped out at the big 4th of July event they had at the city. Our church and the Community of Christ church got together and had a show at their auditorium and then we provided the fireworks outside of the VC at the pageant grounds (also ps, heard a rumor that the stake pres is gonna try to start up the pageant next summer. Fingers crossed) so anyways, the church asked us to usher for the show at their auditorium to kind of put us out in the public so people could see the missionaries. It was fun! The Brett Family (?? Idk. Apparently they're a big deal) from Branson came to do a show. They're super nice! From McKinney, TX originally mom!
then, we got to go to sleep listening to the fireworks. Haha. Mission rules still apply on the fourth we found out mom. Haha, so in our homes by 9:30 ha. But it was such a great holiday. 

Next to the crazies, well not crazies... It just worked better for the title. Just interesting people. There's lots of them. But we love all of them. Haha. I'll write more about them later if I have time. Ha

And yes, we had our first tornado on Wednesday! And yes, I was freaking out. But hey, we were safe! We were teaching our beloved Rick in the library. He is a new member and wow. Such a rockstar. He has had such a hard life and still is going through a ton of stuff. But he told us that the only thing that has brought him joy in this life has been getting baptized and talking to other people about God. I know right!? He's amazing. We had him team teach gospel principles with the elders on Sunday and it was amazing. He lives with another guy that just got baptized as well, Randy, and they are both awesome. Randy bore his testimony during sacrament and he knows so much. I love it. 
But anyways, we were teaching Rick at the library when the tornado warning went off so they had us go into the bathroom for shelter for an hourish. And Rick just walked home!! 😱 Crazy! The tornado went like 2 blocks north of where we were. 
What we have to do when tornado warning happen : find shelter in members' basements or stores and text the mission pres where we are and when the warning is over. Haha but we made it out alive! 🙌 haha sister Hansen and I were freaking out. Haha. Well let's be honest, mostly I was. Haha the people that worked at the library were just laughing at us. Lol

Next... Jason! He is our new investigator as of this week. He rocks. He was a referral from a member in the area. The people here are so humble. They live out of trailer homes and just love life through all the trials they have went through. I can't tell you how many people have told us that they've lost their jobs recently. It's so sad. But all (well most. Haha) love God. Jason definitely does. It was so cool to teach him the Restoration. He takes everything that is said to heart and really thinks about it. Which is awesome! We are teaching him again tonight. 

Wednesday, we had a mission wide fast to get some inspiration on what we needed to do as a mission. We have already seen so many miracles from it. The Lord is aware of everyone! And especially those who are searching for the truth. 

Funny Sunday moment: oh my gosh. I'm dying thinking about this. The cutest little boy got up to the podium to bear his testimony. We could only see his little eyeballs he was so small. And he gets up and starts talking about missionaries. #dyingalready and he had just barely learned a new word "inspire" I guess. Because he used it like 30 times in his testimony. No joke. He talked for a good 8 minutes. Just repeating himself like 5 times. But hey! I know the feeling of learning a new word and overusing it! Hahah but every time he said inspire, he would say "expire".  It was the cutest thing. He talked about how the missionaries "expire" everyone to do better. And how they "expire" people to learn about the Book of Mormon and Joseph smith. Etc. etc. etc. haha and then he said at the end thank you to all the missionaries for "expiring" him. Like oh myyy. #tender. So yes, church was awesome. Don't forget to be expired daily. 😂😂

Things for you all to do to be expired:
-Watch The Hope of God's Light. My favorite Mormon message. 
-Read (well the Book of Mormon) but chapter 8 in the teachings of spencer w. kimball book. It definitely expired me this morning. Also, fun fact, kimball served his mission in independence! ❤️

Also, we heard about the sad news of President Packer the the other day. I went back and read his talk from October 2014. It is so good. We are praying for his family and the rest of the quorum of the 12 apostles as they are now going through the loss of two apostles. They are both already greatly missed. 

I love you all so much and think and pray about you all the time! 

Sister Morgan


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