Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Light the World with Service!!

Hello family!
This week has been so good! Happy late thanksgiving to everyone!! We
had an awesome thanksgiving here in Missouri. It is so weird to be
having so many "lasts" here. This week has been full of highs and lows
but I am realizing more and more how blessed I am to be serving as a
missionary right now. I love being able to help others come closer to
Christ, whether it's people we are teaching, members, companions,
other missionaries, strangers. It just makes me so happy. Especially
during this Christmas season. If you haven't seen the #LIGHTtheWORLD
video yet, you HAVE TO go see it at Mormon.org. There is this awesome
countdown to Christmas on there that starts on December 1st with a
Worldwide day of service! It is going to be the best Christmas season

Yesterday was awesome! We got to go to an FHE with the Jensen family.
Sister Jensen is the relief society president and brother Jensen used
to be the ward mission leader ever. Their family is so amazing. They
are so service oriented. They had these gifts they were teaching their
kids about - gold, frankincense, myrrh. The question we were answering
was why did the three wise men give such good gifts to the Savior. The
kids came up with the answer of "they wanted to give Him their very
best because He was a King". Brother Jensen asked all of us What can
we give the Savior this Christmas that is our very best? I just loved
that question. I am still praying and pondering what to give the
Savior this Christmas season but I invite you all to think of that
question too!

After FHE, we helped with their service project of making frozen
dinners and then we went to our round 2 of FHE at the Russell's!

We we on exchanges on Saturday. I was with my old comp, Sister
Guerrero, in my old area, Shoal Creek Valley! #throwback. It was so
awesome. Sister Guerrero is amazing. We got to go see the given family
which was a huge miracle because the sisters hadn't been able to get
into that house since I had left!

Sister Clark and Sister Helmbold came to visit us at the jail
yesterday during their pday while I was on shift and it like made my
week. Also! Liz came into the jail on Saturday and surprised me and we
had a good chat. We also were matching!!

Here's some pictures!
- the Morgan family! Brother Morgan's first name is Tom so I call him
Grandpa Morgan :) he's our Ward mission leader :)
- selfie with THE Tami Knight
- #LIGHTtheWORLD and Liz
- Sister Guerrero and I in exchanges!
- the Jensen family ❤️

Sister Morgan


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