Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Starting my last transfer!

Well I officially started my last transfer this week... so that is so
super weird.
This week has been full of highs and lows but most importantly an
increased testimony of the love that our Heavenly Father has for us on
such an individual level. There have been so many experiences I have
had this week, especially these last few days that have helped to know
and feel that He indeed is real! I think the thing that I have learned
the most is that He listens. So many people in the world don't take
the time to listen and care for others. Time is oh so valuable and the
time that you spend listening to others is a huge gift to them. I know
that our Heavenly Father is the perfect Listener. It doesn't matter if
we are telling Him the tiniest details of the day that we are grateful
for or if we are pouring our heart out to Him through tears. He
listens and He loves.

Transfers were on Thursday. I had to say goodbye to my best friend
Sister Baggett as she went home but I'm so happy that she gets to be
with her family for the holidays after all the service she has done
out here in the mission field for the last 18 months. We cried the
whole drive down to transfers. :( we also had departure breakfast
Wednesday morning which was super sad and super good. We got to hear
the departing testimonies of the missionaries leaving.

I get to stay in Doniphan my last transfer in the mission, which I am
so pumped for! Before transfers we went to say a lot of goodbyes and
after transfers we did a lot of service and planning. So many amazing
things are happening right now. Even this morning, at Walmart, this
man stopped us and said that he has had a vision that he needs to bear
his testimony at our next testimony meeting! So that was super cool!
He said he had met with missionaries back in Lawrence Kansas and wants
to come to church next Sunday!

Friday night we fed the homeless with the Emmett family which was a
huge tender mercy. It was a particularly harder day and the Lord knows
me so well we went to their service before and Heavenly Father knows
that I love live music and we just got to be at this Christian concert
where everyone was worshipping Christ in their own way. We were with
the most humble people just feeling the Spirit. I loved it.

Yesterday on shift I met this amazing girl, Hannah. She had just
gotten released from the hospital. Her mom had gotten baptized like 2
years ago and the daughter loves Joseph smith. We went through the
presentation and afterwards she wanted a blessing from the elders
cause things started to not go well with her health. Before they got
there, she came back into the jail with her roller skates and asked if
I would come watch her roller skate. It was the sweetest thing ever to
go watch her. She was so happy. I just love little moments like these
that make your heart happy when Heavenly Father knows you need it the
most. God is good.

I love you all!
Sis Morgan


- the best three months in Doniphan
- Sister Draper who has some super exciting news this week! I won't
spoil it though. You'll have to read her email this week! She is the
best missionary ever!
- Sister Eraso at departure breakfast. I miss that girl!
- this is mostly for Lynds. I managed to hold five kitties in my arms
at once! They are the bishop's holy cats that they found at the
temple. Their names are Teancum, Moroni, Ruth, Gideon, and Esther
- they came and joined us as we painted bishop's doors.
- from Sister Beer's awesome service project that we got invited to!
- saying goodbye to the Marbles and Julia's accidental Polaroid.
- killing Sister Baggett the night before transfers
- goodbye!
- transfer pic with Sister Draper!
- Sister Murdoch, my new companion!
- beautiful Hannah ❤️
- our weekly Russell visits feat. Christmas decorations already!


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