Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Be Spiritually Minded!

Hello everyone!

Another week has passed. Where does the time go!?
It's so crazy that people are starting school already! It's still summer! I hope everyone is enjoying their first couple days/weeks at school though. :) live it up at BYU for me friends :) 

I seriously can't remember what happened this week because it seems like this week was like 2 days. Haha, but here are a few stories for your Tuesday.

 this past week was Spirit Week at the VC. (I know, super presh. Also throwback to high school?) anyways, the theme was "Keep the Spirit Week". Basically, a fun excuse all the sisters get to match every single day of the week and an opportunity to study a certain topic each day. It was so great. I loved getting to learn so much and apply what I learned into my life. The thing I learned a lot about this past week, and really just on my mission in general, is charity. That is something I am constantly trying to work on. Having that Christlike love for every single person. I I learned that charity is the most important value to have. Kinda cool to think about because how simple is that. Ha. Seriously though, if we can be more charitable people, meaning more loving people, we will become great people. We will have a greater love for God and our Savior, which turns into a greater love for our family, friends, and those we are around each and every day. It was such a great thing to study. I loved it. Anyways, sweet Sister Baggett and I finally got the excuse for this: :)


I LOVE the sisters here at the VC. I have loved getting to know them and hearing their testimonies of this gospel. They strengthen me everyday and being able to learn so much from them is such a blessing. 

ALSO, Meet the Mormons. Such a good movie! If you haven't seen it, it's on Netflix. Do yourself a favor and watch it tonight. No promises that you won't cry though. Haha. 

We stopped by Kyle's house this week to check up on him and set an appointment up with him, only to find that he was in the middle of rescuing 5 baby kitties from the storm that just passed. They were underneath his neighbors trailer and him and his brother were army crawling underneath there to save them. Mud, spiders, and all. Haha. We got there and he was wearing a white shirt and white shorts... When we left, they were.. Well not white.. Haha 

Moral of the story: baby kittens are worth it ☺️


Ps.. If you could please keep Kyle in your prayers it would be so greatly appreciated. We are moving his baptism back for a bit. He can't wait to get baptized but really wants the support of his family first. The power of prayer is so real everyone. I can't even imagine my life anymore without prayer. I am so grateful to have that communication with my Heavenly Father to ask for help and strength. 

We also had interviews with President this week. I love President and Sister Vest. They are so amazing. 

Saturday, we had a lesson, with our investigators Ron and Calvin. It's the best meeting with them. They are so amazing. So genuine and sincere guys. And the funniest thing..  We seriously set up appointments with them at the park bench. Hahaha. It cracks us up every time we text and confirm with them. We're like, "still good to meet with us at 4 at the park bench?" Haha. Only in Independence. Well, I think. Haha. Two sisters in the VC were telling us how they literally taught this lady for weeks and weeks in the McDonald's bathroom. Ha, apparently she worked there and never had a lot of free time, so they taught her while she cleaned the bathrooms. #dedication. 

Miracle! This evening we are going to meet with this lady who came into the VC last week and talked with some of the sisters there and she ended up wanting to get baptized and is in our area. So many miracles at the visitors center. The spirit is so strong there. I love it so much. But yes, I can't wait for our appointment with her this evening. 

Last thought I want to leave with you all for this week. I was studying 2 Nephi 9 one morning and I loved the whole chapter, but especially the end of verse 39. "to be spiritually minded is life eternal". It is sooo important. As we remember the spiritual things in life, those will help us to have a portion of the joy and the happiness that will come with eternal life.  
And because I don't know how to not be a missionary anymore, I want to invite you all to remember that this week and apply it. Don't ever forget about your Savior. He is everything. He loves you so much. Everything that we have in this life... the spiritually minded things.. is only through and because of Him. Pray to your Heavenly Father daily and pour your heart out to Him. Prayer is such an amazing thing everyone. I can't even describe it in the way I want to but please try it. Be humble and never let a day pass by without accounting to the Lord how your day went and asking for help and strength for your next day. I promise you will see a difference in your life. You will notice the tender mercies of the Lord and the blessings. As we pray, we are able to become more spiritually minded as well ... Which is life eternal!

I love you all so much. I am so grateful for all of you. You are such a strength to me and I am grateful for the person you all have helped me become. Have an amazing week, I can't wait to hear from you all! :)

With love from Independence,
Sister Morgan


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