Thursday, September 24, 2015

Training probs

At the departure breakfast, they have the missionaries going home give a training/testimony after their slideshow. Sister Flink went home this transfer. She was only with us in the VC for the last week and a half but wow, she is so incredible. Such a consecrated missionary. I love getting to learn so much from these amazing sisters, especially the ones going home. They are so incredible. Sister Flink bore such a powerful testimony and pointed out many times how short the time we have here really is. That is something that just recently, like 4 days ago, is really hitting me. It seems so crazy that I have already been out on my mission for almost 4 months. It doesn't seem real. The time missionaries have is sooo short and soo sacred. I know that this time is going to continue to fly by. This is the only time in my life that I will have to dedicate everything that I have to the Lord and to spend everything I have on testifying of my Savior and His restored gospel and SHARING it with others. This gospel is amazing and life changing. Everyone needs to have the opportunity to hear this message and decide for themselves if they will accept it. I love every single day I have out here on mission. It's a once in a lifetime experience and a time for so much growth to happen.

Thursday morning, I went into the chapel of the stake center to wait to meet my new compy. ☺️ there were only two sisters coming out, so the other sister and I were trying to guess who went with who. Haha. President assigned the sisters first. My new companion is Sister Flake! She is the cutest thing ever. She is from Spanish Fork, UT and we are the exact same height ❤️.

Her first day.. Was crazy. Ha. Filled with meeting with President Vest about an investigator, crazy dinner appointments, oh yeah, and teaching the law of chastity on her very first lesson! Hahaha but she made it through the craziest week ever. So she's set for her mission!

A little bit about the crazy week, in a very very simplified version: Kyle got baptized this week and we pretty much didn't know if he would be getting baptized until Saturday afternoon. Soo, before Saturday, trying to do everything we could to make sure the baptism would still go through and then the next 12 hours after we found out it was a go... Planning a whole baptismal service. Oh yeah, and neither of us had planned a baptism before. Ha. #trainingprobs. I feel so bad, she'd ask me a question about missionary work or baptisms, and I just give her an awkward laugh and say, "I have no clue. Ha" she's a rockstar for putting up with me.

But, KYLE GOT BAPTIZED! This week was literally filled with the most happy feelings I've ever had on mission and also the exact opposite of those feelings. But back to what an old district leader told me my first week in the mission, "the heights of the highs, outweigh the lengths of the lows" #preach.

We had his baptism right after church, it was the most perfect thing. He COULD NOT stop smiling the whole day. He walked into church with a suit and his beard shaved, and just the biggest smile. I didn't think he could smile any bigger... Until after he was baptized. You couldn't pay him enough money to stop smiling. Haha. He is seriously amazing. It was such a joy and privilege to get to see him make those covenants with his Heavenly Father on Sunday. Guys! I can't even describe to you the joy of missionary work! Look up Alma 26:16 to hear a better description of how I feel, haha.

The only request he had for his baptism was that we sing Nearer My God to Thee. It's his favorite song (because apparently it's in titanic) and that his family came. It was a great day. Also, he loves mozzarella sticks, so Sister Flake and I made him this for a little congrats gift. :)

Some other highlights about this week:

There was a CRAZY storm that Sister Flake and I got to brave. I don't know what it is about Missouri feeling like it needs to give every missionary a welcome gift through crazy storms and tornados! Haha

We were dripping wet by the time we made it back to the VC that evening. We couldn't see a thing as we were driving back, definitely nothing like Vegas "rain".

Miracle Tuesday: the whole week, Sister Flake and I had been talking about how we wanted to find a new investigator who was solid. We are here to teach the elect. "The field is WHITE already to HARVEST". We are harvesters as missionaries. We've been praying so hard to find this new investigator and to be led by the Spirit to find them. Tuesday afternoon, we found three new investigators within an hour who are SOLID. We were going to try a former investigator in an apartment complex, when we started talking to someone in the parking lot on the way to the house. This lady was so sweet. She was waiting for her son to get home from school. Her son, Logan, got off the bus (a cute little red headed boy with Down's syndrome) and said, "it's rapunzel!" Yeah. Heart. Melted. Then, the apartment we went and tried was such a miracle. The former investigator we were looking for had moved, but this new couple who had moved in were so interested in the message we shared with them. God is a God of miracles. He listens to each of us and is involved in the details of our lives.

Oh! I don't know how I could forget! But Saturday was Dress like a Pirate Day at Krispy Kreme! Soo, of course that's where we were during our lunch hour. The workers smhed at our costumes. Haha

Bottom line: You do what you gotta do for free donuts. We were walking in and saw on the sign, "must have three of: then a list of pirate costume stuff" we had a scarf wrapped around our waists and our eye patches... Whoops. We decided that we could still make it work, and made ourselves some hooks 😂

Ahh! I feel like this week was a whole month with everything that happened! Sorry this email is soo long!

We traded a Book of Mormon with this couple who wanted to give us their Jesus Person Pocket Promise Book. Ha. Something that I am so grateful for as I have been able to talk to so many people of pretty much every religion around, is prayer. So many people we talk to say, "well I'll show this Book of Mormon to my pastor as see what he tells me to do or I'll ask my preacher what he says about that belief". It makes me so sad. I wish that everyone knew and understood that it is so much more efficient to go directly to Heavenly Father and ask Him what is true or not. We always tell people to never take our word, everyone needs to pray and ask God if the Book of Mormon is true or whatever the question may be. I'm so grateful for the freedom that I have and the opportunity I have to ask questions about life or anything and receive answers directly to the being that created everything on the Earth, our Heavenly Father.

Ummm.. Sister Flake had NEVER had Chick Fil A before! So I made sure she got to try some, and mostly just filled the craving I had of not having it in like 5 months!

Last but not least, I can now say I have seen a crazy weird Missouri bug, I mean there are tons of them, but this is apparently a walking stick... Like the guy in A Bugs Life. It was huge and so strange though. We stuck a Book of Mormon in there so you could see size, and so that I could remind you to read it ;)

I love you all so much. Thanks for everything you do. You all rock. Special shout out to Summer Lawson, happy belated birthday friend.

Don't forget the important things in life, the gospel, your testimony, and your family.

Ahh! I love you all so much you have no idea. I have such a great week.

Sister MorganHaha hi family!
I feel like I haven't talked to you in forever! But hello! Welcome to
transfer 3 and Thursday pdays!

So to my title... Training probs. I have to just laugh at myself so
many times as I am training a new missionary. I make sooo many
mistakes that are just hilarious because they are such obvious
missionary things that I shouldn't have forgotten them. Example A,
last night at prayer meeting. Yesterday being Wednesday.. Aka a week
into the transfer! I looked over at my cute companion (I'll get to her
in a bit) and realized that every single night of daily planning so
far we haven't set daily goals!! I'm blaming having to plan on the
iPad for this. He he. But wow, rookie mistake on my part. I'm pretty
sure there's a whole section in Preach My Gospel about the importance
of setting goals. Ha.

Anyways, before we get to this transfer... Wrapping up last
transfer... Had to say goodbye to my momma, Sister Hansen :( she's off
to St. Joseph, MO. Here's all the VC and Jail sisters at the transfer
departure breakfast. (Last Wednesday morning of the transfer)


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