Monday, February 1, 2016

Exchange week 1 .. Of many!

We also had our first of 5 exchanges this transfer in Friday! Exchanges are so fun! I was with Sister Murdoch in Independence 1st Ward for the day, which means I got to stay at the Willis for the night and spend time with all the VC sisters! It was so fun!

Sister Murdoch is an amazing missionary. We worked a lot on street contacts and we had a lesson in the evening with one of their investigators and she put two people on date for baptism! So amazing!
Their district meeting actually got rescheduled to be during our exchange also. One of the trainings that was given was on obedience but before the training, we were asked two questions to write down, ponder, and answer, that I LOVED. The questions were: How does God view me? and How would God introduce me? I really liked pondering those for those few minutes. It, not only, motivates us to be better and show our love more to the Savior, but we are also able to get more a glimpse into how our Heavenly Father sees us and our divine nature.
I know that God truly is our loving Heavenly Father. He knows us all so well and wants us to be happy in this life. I am so grateful for this gospel that He has provided us with.

And then Sister Hixon and I were reunited! And we spent all day pretty much in ghost town Grandview. Also, it's been like 45 degrees all week which has beyond amazing.

One of the many funny stories of the week: Sister Hixon and I were contacting a referral and trying to deliver the bible that they ordered to them when we got a glimpse into what area of town we were actually in.. Hahah it was like 2 in the afternoon.. So not even close to being late at night yet, and as we are knocking on the door, this cop car pulls in front of the house that we saw a few minutes ago. The cops just sit there for a moment.. Pull forward a bit and then back up again, roll down their window and then ask, "Do you two live around here?" "Nope!"
Then a bit later when we knocked on the door the second time (for our salvation of course) they ask again, "what are y'all doing around here then?" We explained that we were missionaries and that we were just dropping a bible off to this woman. And then they like start to leave and pull back again and ask so concerned.. "Are you two walking?" We assured them that we had a car and would get back in the car after that house. Hahaha. So funny!! So no.. Kansas City is not sketchy at all. Don't worry mom, everyone is always looking out for the two white girls in skirts with Bibles in our area, even the cops!

Seriously, Sister Hixon and I just have so much fun together. She is hilarious.

We are seeing so many miracles in our area, which is awesome. Being over the YSA is super fun too, we are teaching a few YSA people now, and they are so amazing! One is getting baptized in March!

Sorry, I'm super short on time this week, but I love you all so much. Keep reading the Book of Mormon. I know that that book is true and that it will bless your life so much as you strive to abide by the precepts in there.

Here's a throwback to the MTC though! .. Update.. Krispy Kreme is seriously on the other side of the street of our area. So depressing. We are gonna call the zone leaders one day and get permission to go :)

Sister MorganHello family!

This week has gone by so fast! And so much has happened!

On Wednesday we had our first district meeting. We are the only
sisters in the whole zone, which is soo different than before. Haha.
Here is our picture of our zone this afternoon at PDAY sports! One of
our members got all of the missionaries in the whole zone matching
Kansas City skyline socks! #presh


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