Monday, February 8, 2016

Re: Exchange week 1 .. Of many!

Hello family!

This week was crazy and amazing!!

Before I get into what has been happening this week.. I just want to
tell you all how the Sabbath is truly a delight! I love Sunday. Sister
Hixon and I go to 7 or more hours of church every Sunday... So never
will I ever think 3 hour church is long again, but this is seriously
such a blessing and a tender mercy for me. In MLC (Mission Leadership
Council... Which is awesome, I'll talk later about that), we were
invited to go to church on Sunday and pray beforehand and ask Heavenly
Father a specific question we wanted answered or pray for personal
revelation. It was seriously the best experience. There were so many
things that the Spirit taught me as I went into church searching for
revelation. I know that church attendance is so important in our
progression. Not only is the sacrament ordinance and meeting the
holiest ordinance in the church, but the Spirit that is at church and
that we are promised when we take the bread and the water can guide us
and direct us in our lives for our coming week, and future. I love
church and especially the sacrament meeting. It is a delight! Fast and
testimony meetings are the best also. Don't ever ignore a prompting
out of bear your testimony. I learned so much from the Spirit as
others bore their testimony on prayer, the Book of Mormon, the Spirit,
and most importantly, our Savior, Jesus Christ. I know that He lives
and that He loves us and knows us perfectly. I know that it is only
through Him that we can return to live with our Heavenly Father
forever with our families. That knowledge is the sweetest, most
delightful knowledge I can imagine.

If you haven't attended an LDS church service before, I would invite
you to attend one this Sunday. Go in with a question in mind. I
promise you that you will receive an answer. { - type
in your address and go}

So onto this week..
We had MLC! My very first one! Haha They are seriously the best. I
gave a training on Faith in Jesus Christ at MLC! Which was so
intimidating. Haha, I thought lots of people gave trainings at MLC..
But turns out, it was just me, and of course, the assistants and
President. But it was good! I learned so much about faith as I was
preparing for it. As we were reviewing from the Worldwide Missionary
Broadcast to prepare for MLC, I kept thinking of what Elder Bednar
said of faith. "Faith is a principle of action and power". As we have
faith in Jesus Christ, we are led to act. To change. To repent. That
action is so needed! Faith is also a power. It is so amazing to be out
on a mission and see that so much more as we need faith in everything,
because we 19/20 year olds have no clue what we're doing. But, this is
the Lord's work. {thank goodness!} anyways, MLC was amazing! I can't
even describe it, but we talked a lot about repentance, prayer,
church, and the Holy Ghost.

Also, MLC is pretty much a reunion with my favorite VC sisters. So
fun!! There are 5 full pros companionships and 2 VC/jail
companionships at MLC :) I'll attach a picture of us and Sister Vest❤️

Then, Friday was zone training day! Sister Hixon and I trained in our
zone this time, the Kansas City zone! I trained again on Faith in
Jesus Christ and also on the Holy Ghost's role in conversion. Then
afterwards, we convinced the elders in our district to go to
Chick-fil-A for district lunch :) :) so yummy!!

Directly after zone training we went on an exchange with the Raytown
sisters!! Sister Wilkey came with me to Kansas City! It was so fun!
Sister Wilkey is amazing, we served together at the VC for six months
together and now she is training a new missionary!

We had so many miracles while we were on exchanges! I'll share one of
them with you all:

We were talking a lot about strengthening out faith and we decided to
exercise our faith in finding. We prayed in the car where we needed to
be to find someone who was being prepared for this gospel. We had 20
minutes before we needed to head to our dinner. We looked at the map
and a certain street was sticking out to Sister Wilkey. Pocahontas
Lane ☺️ We went there, prayed again, and went to the house that was
sticking out to us and no one was there. We went to about 7 or so
other houses and no one was there. We decided to pray again and turn
to the scriptures to receive more specific revelation. After reading 5
or so verses, someone walked out of their house, we went and talked to
him and guess what! He wasn't interested. Haha. There was a family
inside that house still though, so we decided to go meet them. About 3
houses ago, we felt impressed to teach and testify of eternal
families. This man was interested in learning more about how that was
possible and set up a return appt. with him. He told us that he wished
that he could be with his two {adorable!} kids forever and we promised
him that he can be through Jesus Christ and the plan that we have
because of what He did for us. It was such an awesome experience for
both of us that strengthened our faith. What we learned from that
experience was that we need to exercise and act on our faith. Miracles
are wrought on faith, but not idle faith. Our diligence and
perseverance was required as well. It wasn't the first house we tried,
like we thought it would be. We needed to be tested a bit more. But
because we kept enduring and kept trying, we were able to see a small
miracle. That is life! We need to have faith in Jesus Christ in
this life. And if at times, it seems as if everything you are doing
isn't working, take a new approach. Pull out your scriptures and find
answers, be patient in the Lord's timing, and most importantly, keep
working. Keep trying. He loves you.

We had an awesome lesson with our YSA investigator, Marissa that night
too! We were teaching her faith in Jesus Christ, repentance, baptism,
and the Holy Ghost. After teaching her those principles, Sister Wilkey
asked her how she was feeling about all this and she responded, "it
sounds really amazing, like something I want to be apart of!" Ahh!!
Those are the moments we, as missionaries, live for! She dips getting
baptized at the end of the month! We can't wait!!

And then, Sunday! One quick funny story for y'all for the week:

Testimony meetings are always an adventure but even more so when a
very soulful less activeish member gets up and after her testimony
announces to the congregation that she is in her third trimester and
that is impossible to not waddle. And proceeds to ask for advice from
the pulpit. Yeah... Haha, a skill that every missionary must learn is
to not laugh when every part of you wants to. Haha.

I love this work so much. I can't imagine my life without a mission. I
love my Savior and this time that I have to serve Him. He is my rock
and my salvation. I love my family and friends that support me and
send me love from all over. Thank you for everything. Until next week!

This week we have TWO exchanges back to back (aka. craziness) and lots
of appointments!!

Sister Morgan

MLC with Sister Hixon at President's house
All the sisters with Sister Vest ❤️
Zone funerals


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