Monday, March 28, 2016

#hallelujah, an easter email.

Hello and happy belated Easter!!!

Here in lovely Missouri, it snowed Easter morning!!! So crazy!! But it armed up by the afternoon. I absolutely LOVE Easter. That was the only Easter I will get to celebrate as a missionary, but I am so grateful for the perspective it gave me on what is really important about Easter. It isn't about the colored eggs and e Easter bunny, it is about our Savior. My testimony of His resurrection has been strengthened so much this Easter season. I truly know that He died for all of us and lived again so that each and every one of us could do the same.   This truth was highlighted for me so perfectly as we taught one of our YSA investigators, Liz. She is taking the lessons with us but told us she didn't think she would ever join because she has different views than us she said. We taught her the Plan of Salvation and finished talking about Kingdoms of Glory and how every person will be comfortable in where they are after this life. We testified of God's love for all of His children and how everyone will have a chance to accept this gospel. Then,she took a pause and then simply said, "wow, that is truly beautiful. I like that."   It was just one of those moments where as a missionary, you took a moment to step back and see how amazing the things you are teaching really are to people who haven't learned them before. Complete bliss. I am so grateful for a loving Savior who made this all possible. 

After our lesson with Liz, we watched the General Women's Conference with some of the YSA sisters. It was so amazing!! I loved the emphasis on service that it had. Especially as I have been given these short 18 months to focus on just that. Service. It so amazing how even though, we all serve for others, we in turn get some of the greatest blessings. We get more charity for others. I love it. 

This Friday, we had a STL Training meeting with President and Sister Vest and the Assistants. It was one of the most special meetings I have been apart of. I feel so blessed to be apart of this association of truly incredible sisters. We discussed different ways we could help the sisters that we serve over. My sweet companion gave the best training of how we can care for them. She is the best! I love the perspective that Sister Vest has of missionaries and what this service does for their life. Seriously, this meeting was the absolute perfect lead in to the general women's meeting.   And of course, Sister Vest made us all lunch after the meeting. I love getting to hang out with all these amazing sisters!! 

On Wednesday, we had interviews with President Vest. He is the most inspired man I have met. I am truly blessed to be in this mission. Fam, I got some exciting news for you all!!! :) 
Later that night, we had a lesson with sweet Linda. She is going through a hard time right now, she is so amazing though!!! We are hoping she will still push through to be baptized mid April. 

Monday night after PDAY, we went to the YSA FHE! They had a missionary focused FHE where they did an Iron Chef Cookie Bake Off and invited all their friends to it! They also watched some of Meet the Mormons! We got to be the judges of the best cookie!!!

I LOVE this gospel. I am grateful for my deepening conversion as I help others start their conversion. I know that Jesus Christ truly is the Son of God and our Savior. He has established His church on the Earth and I am blessed to a be a part of it. 

And now, to the part that most people skip to. Haha. The pictures!

>> The bake off champions!
>> doing our studies in the kids place of the Toyota dealership while our car was in the hospital. I seriously want to know what people think of missionaries. Haha
>> STL Feast!! 
>> happy easter ft. sign from Lynds! (Ps. Thanks :)
>> Easter dinner with the Howard family. We LOVE them. They got us these cute Easter baskets too! ❤️🐰🐣

Until next week!
Sister Morgan 


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