Monday, March 7, 2016

ohhhh, we're halfwayyyy thereeee {living on prayers also}

Hello family!

This week has been amazing!! We had some amazing miracles! I also hit
my 9 month mark! Stay tuned for some pregnancy pictures!!

So some highlights for the week include:

- Sister Hixon and I stayed together for this transfer!! We are so
excited! It's a 7 week transfer this transfer too! Oh! And it's her
birthday today!!
- We had a lesson with Scott on Saturday outside on his porch. The
weather was beyond perfect! He is so amazing. He is plan known getting
baptized next month.
- Also! Noah, our recent convert in the YSA, brought one of his
friends from his fraternity to his lesson this week and he is soooo
amazing! We taught the first lesson and it was amazing. We took Noah
to the President's devotional last night at the VC to share his
conversion story and we are keep telling him he needs to convert his
whole frat and then the whole university. Haha. He's awesome! I love
getting to see the fire he has for missionary work. I love missionary
work. If any of you are doubting your testimony of the gospel or are
working on strengthening your relationship with your Heavenly Father,
go out with the missionaries or share your testimony with a friend. It
will help!
- Last PDAY, we went bowling with our zone!

Gonna keep it short this week, because we have to do some more
birthday celebrations, but I love you all so much. I love this gospel
as well. I know that it is true. Something that I have been thinking
about a lot lately is how to find happiness. Everyone in this world
seems to be trying to find happiness. The key to happiness is the
Spirit of God. The more we do right, keep the commandments, and strive
to become more like our Savior, we are filled with the Spirit... We
are happier. What a great thing! I love it. I am so grateful for the
gift of the Holy Ghost I received at baptism.

This coming week is so busy and so amazing!! We have 11 lessons
already set up! (Normally having like 3 lessons set up for the coming
week is a miracle!) and on top of that, we have an 8 hour Mission
Leadership Council Meeting, Zone Training two days later and then All
Mission Conference on Saturday, where we get to hear from Elder
Stevenson! Busy busy busy!!

And now, the moment you've all been waiting for!! Haha

Pregnancy pictures!! ((Just for clarification for those who are not
familiar with the mission tradition, when sisters hit their 9 month
mark/halfway mark, they take pregnancy pics... The weight you gain as
a missionary definitely makes them seem way more believable))
And it was fun to hit halfway with Sister Hixon so we got to celebrate together!

And just some other photos from the week! We love our area and our zone!

Love you all so much!! Have a fantastic week! Can't wait to hear from you all :)

Sister Morgan


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