Monday, March 21, 2016

time sure is flying!

Saturday, the Kansas City stake did a mini-MTC for the youth that we got to be apart of. We taught them all in Mtc style classes. We taught the Gospel of Jesus Christ to them. It was so fun. It made me miss taking youth groups thought the visitors center in the summer time! Also, Atong Maror got baptized on Saturday!! I was so sad, we couldn't make it to the baptism but I am so happy for her and her cute family!! #hillparklife

That's about it!!

EVERYONE!!! Make sure you check out!!! It's the best!!

I love you all so much. I love this gospel and the opportunity I have had and am having to share this beautiful gospel with others.

(A member in our Ward made this of us for the Facebook page!.. Or something like that. Ha.)

Sister MorganHello Family!

This week feels like a dream! It is absolutely insane to think that I
have had more than 9 months of experiences as a missionary. I feel
like I've just dreamed all this up. Most surreal feeling ever.

Anyways, this week, like I said, went by so fast!! So many miracles.
Each and every day. Something that I love about the mission that it
has truly shown me that Gods hand is in our lives every single day.
Not just the good days, but every single day. I hope that I keep this
perspective my whole life. God is so good.

So Tuesday, we were quarantined to our apartment because Sister Hixon
had pink eye. So the day included calling lots of potentials, all of
our investigators, rescheduling exchanges, watching Meet the Mormons,
and lots of studying. We were (hopefully) allowed to go out in our
area in the evening. We had an appt set up and turns out, he didn't
really want us there. So we just sat on his porch while he just yelled
at us pretty much. Haha. Missionary is not always glamorous everybody.
Haha, but I am so grateful for the peace that we obtain through living
the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Wednesday we had district meeting and went out to the best pizza place
ever!! Thursday we had a lesson with our investigator named Jamie. He
is so awesome! It is spiritually exhausting meeting with him because
he knows the bible so well, but it is so fun!

Friday we went on exchanges! I went to Independence with Sister
Santiago! It was so fun! We had like 10 minutes before we had an
appointment and saw that there was a Morgan St. In their area so we
stopped by to knock a few houses (and mostly to take a picture) and we
met this cute family with these adorable baby chicks! I LOVE the
members in that Ward. Also, one of the people we were trying to start
teaching in 4th Ward is getting baptized in their Ward soon! So


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