Thursday, October 22, 2015

Cheers to 20 years!

We did meet this amazing guy named Jeff though. We helped him move out of his apartment as we were walking by and we were soo surprised to get this cute text from him later that evening

"Sister snowflake and sister Morgan,
God heard my prayers Friday early in the morning when I rolled outta bed and hit my knees and asked God in Jesus' name to give me the blessings needed for loading the apartment. I hired a company and was sent to strong men whom were more than willing to get the heavy items and work around the fragile things I felt were Surely to break if I left in my bumbling stumbling crippled up body to get out. Then in through the door, wearing two beautiful smiles come to sisters of God was one attention to serve my prayer and blessed me with their help. I was no longer alone in my quest, but saved by His miracle of granting prayers which there is no other explanation of the timing as well as the honesty of His love for sending into beautiful angels with loving souls to step in and being so generous with your time. I worked on Saturday moving furniture and putting my bed together as well as tiring myself to the point of napping my afternoon away and not getting your message till 7:00 PM, missing the little boy's baptism from your congregation. Thank you oh so much for being so much help to little ol' me. You're kindness shall be returned by acts of kindness and blessings. You both are in my prayers and in my heart and thoughts, which I am finding it harder to type because of the tears of joy in my eyes from the actions of my two angels of God. Thank you so kindly, Jeff"

It seriously made our day. You never know how much small acts of service can mean to others, always act on small promptings from the Spirit everyone! We had a lesson with Jeff yesterday, he is awesome!

This week, we also had the youth from one of the wards come into the VC and watch a movie, I got to close the movie with them and invited them to have a short testimony meeting in the theatre room. I can't even get over how strong the youth of the church are! That is the thing I miss most about summer is being able to have hundreds of youth bearing their testimony to me on presentations and just the Spirit that is always in the room. Something I also love is seeing little children walk into the VC with their families ... These kids that are raised by these righteous parents are so strong, I can't even describe it. We are here in this generation, in this last dispensation, to build up the kingdom of God! We are the elect, we are here to do the work that has been prepared for us. I am so grateful to be apart of that right now and can't wait to continue on in this work for the rest of my life! This gospel is incredible. Everyone reading this right now that has a patriarchal blessing, pull it out this evening and read it and take some time to reflect and see the purpose that YOU have in this work. And then, get to work!

If I haven't said this before, I LOVE this gospel. I love this work and I LOVE being a missionary.

I also love Independence and the Independence 4th Ward ❤️
I don't know how some members found out it was my birthday, I told Sister Flake she had to stop telling literally everybody! Haha, but they are seriously the sweetest. One of my favorite couples in the Ward, Brother Banks and Sister Brisson-Banks came up to us on Sunday and told us to stop by on Wednesday sometime so we said ok... Both clueless, because I hadn't told anyone it was my birthday, we showed up, and they surprised me with cheesecake and singing happy birthday. So precious.

Brother Banks is from Australia and always gives us a "pinky" shake and says, "Cheerio!" in his Australian accent every time we see him. It's my favorite. And Sister Brisson-Banks is a genius with family history. Sooo inspiring. I love her.

The rest of the birthday lo-down.. We had district meeting earlier and then had district lunch afterwards. We went to Queen Taco, home of $1 tacos!! :)

and my CHEERS TO 20 YEARS!! Haha

I love the sisters I serve around, they seriously just make my day. Everyday.
Next, we went to the VC, where Sister Fullmer, one of the senior sisters, made me an adorable and delicious cake. (I seriously thought I would to make it out safe with no one knowing its my birthday because Sister Flake's and mine calling was birthday coordinator this transfer.. I was.. Wrong. Ha)

Got a cute little delivery from my daddy 🍓🍫 :) and then Sister Andree came in and surprised us at the VC with another cake AND she bought both of us Kansas City Royals shirts. She is so thoughtful. We had asked her earlier in the week where the best place to get Royals shirts was and she surprised us with our own. Ps. Royals have apparently almost made it into the World Series, literally everybody and their mom wears Royals shirts 99% of the time. Definitely not I'm Vegas anymore. Haha.

Sister Helmbold also serenaded me at the end of shift with her AMAZING arrangement of Called to Serve, Savior Redeemer of My Soul, and I'll Go Where You Want Me To Go. She is soo talented. It seriously my day. I love her so much.

Again, thanks so much for all the thoughtful emails and letters. It made my day. I love you all so much. Now here's to the next 20 years!!

We are currently trying to motivate ourselves to carve these pumpkins we got... But probes not gonna happen.. Ha

Sister Morgan

Ps. Transfers are ALREADY this next week! So crazy! Sooo, I'll either email on Thursday.. Or next Monday.. Or both. Haha depending on if I stay here in Independence or leave! So talk to you all soon!I just have to start out by saying thank you. Thank you so much for
all the love that was sent my way for my birthday, I couldn't have
asked for better family and friends in my life right now. And wow, I'm
20 now! So weird! My second day in adulthood was having to go get a
shot! Woohoo! But good news! I didn't pass out!! Haha

This week has seriously flown by, it makes me so sad to think about
how fast time is going out here. I feel like I have been out for maybe
3 weeks but it's already been almost 5 months. Where is the time

So this week:
We met with a lady in our Ward who has had to stay at home for a
couple months for medical reasons, she is so amazing. Her home
teachers were bringing her the sacrament when we stopped by, the
priesthood is amazing. We got to visit with her and share a message
with her. Her testimony is so strong and powerful, I absolutely adore
her and I am so grateful for this incredible opportunity I have on a
mission to learn so much from these incredible ladies.

Honestly, his week has been kind of slow. A lot of appointments have
fallen through and it's been so hard to help people keep progressing.
I wish that our investigators could see what we see in them, but the
good news is... Fall is GORGEOUS here. I'm obsessed.


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