Thursday, October 29, 2015

Transfer 4 here we go!

I feel like I am going through a "mid-mission" crisis! Haha, I am constantly wondering to myself if I am doing enough and I have loved being able to take up the challenge that Elder Lawrence gave us ALL during conference and asking Heavenly Father what the one thing that is holding me back from progressing. It works every time.
I cannot describe how grateful I am for prayer. Take a moment to think how truly incredible it is. We, imperfect human beings who are constantly making mistakes and constantly being too prideful to remember our Savior, are still ALWAYS given the amazing privilege and blessing to communicate with our Father in Heaven, who has a perfect undying love for us and has created this amazing plan for us to come to earth to learn and progress and to eventually live with Him again. He always answers our prayers. He will always show His love towards us. He will always forgive us. If you were thinking that prayer really is too good to be true or we don't deserve it... We don't and it is too good, but God loves us. I can testify that it is real and that it works.

We had a training given by the APs at our Friday Morning Training Meeting that was SOO inspired. This work and life in general is hard and it can be discouraging. One of them invited us to get down on our knees that evening and say a vocal prayer and ask God if He was proud of us and if He loved us. I want to leave that invitation with all of you who are reading this email. The Spirit that you will overwhelmingly feel is incredible and I can promise you all that you will feel of His love for you individualized as you take this time to let the Spirit enter your heart. It was one of the most sacred moments on my mission.

The rest of my week consisted of:
Running into Kyle during his neighborhood Halloween party! Haha

Disney themed Transfer Breakfast!

Celebrating Sister Helmbold's birthday Sunday morning with crepes :)

And a VC baptism!! Crazy story! So Sister Flake and I were on teaching center Saturday morning and we took a chat and this girl came on and she said her fiancée wanted to be baptized that afternoon! Apparently he had been taught all the lessons in Idaho but changed his mind on being baptized and went to military boot camp in Texas. He prayed about getting baptized there and received his answer that he should be baptized. Anyways, his fiancée was only in town that weekend. We called his bishop and told him of the situation and got in contact with the missionaries there. We called her back yesterday and they had met with the missionaries at 2pm that day and had a baptismal service ready by 4pm! She sent us some pictures of the day also, such an incredible experience to be apart of. The girl thanked us and said she wouldn't have known what else to do without us. Teaching center miracles are the best! I LOVE all the resources we have to share the gospel.

I don't think I've mentioned how much I love this mission in my emails before. ha 😬 I LOVE this scripture in Doctrine and Covenants 58:
7 And also that you might be honored in laying the foundation, and in bearing record of the land upon which the Zion of God shall stand

I love this work everyone. And I love you all. I pray for you all daily. I am so grateful to be able to have you all as my support. Even though I'm however many miles away, please let me know if there is anything at all that I can do for any of you.

Sister MorganHello family!

Another transfer down. The transfer call didn't come through Wednesday
evening because they switched the phones out for most of the
missionaries, so the APs came to the VC to announce it during prayer
meeting. This transfer is soo weird! All the sisters except for 2 are
staying at the VC just switching companions! Sister Flake and I are
staying together and are finishing training but seriously all the
other sisters just swapped. This has never happened at the VC
apparently but it's so fun! The ten sisters that I came out with are
still in the VC together! :)

This morning, Sister Flake and I took Sister Hixon and Hafoka to
transfers. Sister Hafoka is going home to Tonga on Saturday. I'm gonna
miss her so much. We got to hear her testimony Wednesday morning at
the departure breakfast, she is amazing. I am so grateful to have such
amazing sisters to serve around and learn from. It's overwhelming to
see all these "seasoned" missionaries around all the time who have
truly been changed by the Atonement and try to figure out how we can
do the same. And not just for missionaries on their missions but
everyone striving to be consistently change because of the Atonement.


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