Thursday, October 1, 2015

Four months too fast!!

So to start out, Kyle got confirmed in church on Sunday and bore his testimony in fast and testimony meeting. His testimony was ah! I can't even describe how amazing it was except for the fact that I was like almost bawling afterwards. He is so amazing. He was describing how he knew that this church was true and just described the spirit so perfectly by saying, "I'm not sure how to describe it, it just felt good, it felt right, and it makes me happy". I can't even say how much he has changed these past three months. He is so happy and just glowing now. His life has been changed through the atonement of Christ and it has been the biggest tender mercy of my life to be able to witness it. All things are possible through Christ.

We started his new member lessons yesterday. We had our lesson as we killed around this lake by his house, it was such an amazing experience. The Spirit was so strong as we were able to have such peace and quiet as we shared with him the message of the Restoration of the gospel of Jesus Christ with him.

It was right here in the lesson (I couldn't help but sneak a picture), after we had circled the lake, that we stopped to talk about Joseph Smith. The Spirit was so strong. Kyle listened as we shared with him the experience that Joseph Smith. It was incredible. Being able to recite the first vision to someone with the words from a prophet is so powerful. Ah! My life has just been so blessed by knowing Kyle. I love this gospel and how it truly changes lives.

Other highlights... Haha, Tuesday was amazing. We found this apartment complex that is "golden". We seriously have found sooo many people that are soo interested learning more about this restored gospel there. We love it. So on Tuesday, we parked out car in the neighborhood and went to go tract/street contact, and as we were leaving this car pulled up to us and these two girls got out and came up to us apologizing for what happened.. This...

So no mom and Lynds, I didn't crash the car already (yet😉)

I'm convinced that God's ways are higher than our ways though. We were able to share a Book of Mormon with these two sweet girls and share a little bit about this restored gospel. Coincidences don't exist. God has a plan for everything and everyone. Haha Sister Flake and I probably seemed like we were crazy to these girls as we're just happy to be able to talk to them and share the gospel with them. Haha missionary work is so fun! I seriously just can't get enough of it, I love it. I love getting to meet so many different type of people and I have come to realize how individual and personal the atonement is. It is for everyone. Even for these people...

I'm telling you all, missionary work is so fun! So many things to find joy and laughter in, so many lives to witness change, so much work to do! But this sign though.. Haha we laughed and were like well... It doesn't say proselyting.. Idk what proselytizing is.. *knock, knock* haha.

Sister Flake and I have been trying so hard this past week to really find the elect. To find those who Heavenly Father is preparing to enter the waters of baptism. Because as D&C 4 says, "the field is white already to harvest!" So many miracles have been happening. Kinda fun story from Monday. Sister Flake and I had 10 minutes in a neighborhood before we had to head to a lesson, we got together and said a prayer asking to find the person whom Heavenly Father was preparing. In that 10 minutes we only talked to one couple, a mom and a daughter who were sitting in their car as we walked past. We were headed back to the car and had a feeling that we needed to go back and tell them of our experience. So we did! We testified to them that we had faith in our Heavenly Father's plan for us and that He needed us to come back to talk to them. We got to share a Book of Mormon with them and taught them a short mini lesson. We don't know yet what ended happening with them but those small moments are some of the greatest joys of missionary work. They make it so fun. I just love it. Testifying of my Savior is what makes this work amazing for me, it makes me so happy. Everyone needs to know this truth.

Back to the week... Last PDAY, we found the cutest shirts on the square, so yay for matching during PDAY sports :)

I have so much more to say.. But no more time! But, this weekend is conference! I'm so stoked. Everyone always says that conference is the best on your mission, I understand now! I can't wait! I can't even say how grateful I am for a living prophet who guides the whole world with the authority from God. Make sure to watch it! On tv, or on! Saturday and Sunday (11-1 and 3-5pm MO time :)

I am so grateful to be here in this mission. I am grateful for the times I have to grow and be stretched in order to become the person my Heavenly Father wants me to be. God is so good. If I could tell everyone in the whole world one thing and help them to truly understand one thing, that would be that their Heavenly Father and their Savior loves them. With a perfect, unwavering love. Charity. Something that has been coming up sooo frequently lately. And something I am still trying to understand more and also develop more in myself. Having enough charity to show our love and gratitude for Him by being more obedient. And the charity to help others feel the love that He has for them.

I love you all so much. Know that you are loved. I hope at least some snippet of this email made sense. I wish so badly that I could express better what missions are like and the experiences that I'm having. The saying that the most important convert you have on your mission is yourself is the most accurate saying ever.

Sister MorganHello again from another amazing week here in the MIM!

It has been sooo good getting to hear from so many of you! It
seriously makes my days so much better. I am so incredibly grateful to
have such loving friends and family. I feel so blessed.

This week was... a miracle. I don't even know where to start. This
transfer has been the best. Sister Flake is amazing. I learn so much
from her. And wow. Our area. Soo amazing. I have always loved
Independence 4th Ward, but every day that goes by here, I keep hoping
that President will keep me here all 18 months.. Ha. It really would
be amazing.

During one of our sonic runs (actually the first one. Ha) it's just
like back up at byu... Except they're at 8:30pm haha. And we can't eat
in the car. Haha


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