Thursday, October 8, 2015

Never have I ever...

Would look over at each other every time the sabbath day got brought up and would just in aww say, "wow, the whole world just got rebuked. Haha" but for real, that is my goal. To make my sabbath days more spiritual and more uplifting. I want to get better/start repenting BEFORE I even get to church. It is sooo necessary for us to have the spirit with us every single day in this world. That is why the sabbath is so important!!!

Anyways, make sure you go and watch conference and keep reviewing your notes and the talks. Getting to hear from the prophet and apostles of the world is such a blessing!!! Don't ever take that for granted!!

The rest of this week..
This weekend was seriously just a spiritual feast! Friday we had zone conference from 9-5 in Lenexa Kansas (we got to stop at chick fil a on the way back too :) also, sooo weird being out of independence! This place is just a special place. Haha, Kansas is like the normal world. It reminded me so much of Vegas and Utah.

The cute members here are AMAZING, hey gave us all cotton candy at zone conference #presh.

So then conference.. The Torontos are adorable and got us all cinnamon rolls for conference Saturday cause they heard some sisters mention when we were talking about our family's conference traditions that a lot of us would have cinnamon rolls. They are so cute.

I can't even say how pumped we were for conference. We were jumping and running around the VC for those two hours that we had to wait that morning. Haha. CONFERENCE IS AMAZING.

We went over to Kyles on Monday and ah! He is amazing! We asked him how conference was and he just couldn't stop telling us about the prophet and how wise he is and how he loved what he said. And we were just overjoyed saying, "I know right?!" Haha. Afterwards, he took us around the trailer park after his lesson and he introduced us to the whole neighborhood pretty much. So awesome!

TUESDAY! I got a CRAZY surprise to see this girl walk up to the VC!

So good to see Claudia. We went through Gods Plan together. I love you Claudia! Thanks for making my day :)

When the VC gets slow we find other things to do... Haha

And WEDNESDAY! Miracles! Like I said last week, Sister Flake and I are trying to talk to seriously everyone. It has been amazing. And hilarious. The funny contacts of this week:
- giving out Book of Mormons (or Books of Mormon ha) through our car to.. Two guys begging for money who sang us a little song to say thanks. And this guy walking on the street.. Ha. He fell down trying to grab the book from the car as we were starting to move. Haha. Missionary work is so fun.
- pulling over when we see anyone to talk to. Haha. We probably seem like crazy people but everyone needs to hear this message!
But, one of those contacts.. We met this lady really quickly before she got in her car and asked if we could come back to share more. And she said yes! She said any day at 10am so we said we'd come back Wednesday. We normally don't get done with studies and lunch till noon, so it was kind of weird already being out of our house by 9:30 but we felt like we needed to go to this "tentative appointment" even though we couldn't confirm with her because we didn't have her number and we couldn't remember her name. Anyways, we show up and her daughter in law was he only one there and so we asked her if we could come in and share the message with her instead and she said yes! She had a two week old daughter there. I'm not even kidding, this was probably my favorite lesson that I've taught/been apart of on my mission. We taught her the restoration and the spirit was soo strong. Sister Flake and I read this scripture a couple days ago (D&C 50:13-14,17-22) talking about (esp. v. 22) how we know if an investigator or anyone we are teaching feels the spirit. This scripture answers that ... If/when we are feeling the spirit, we know they are as well, because the receiver(them) and the teacher(us) are both edified when the spirit teaches. This lesson was amazing. We are teaching her again TOMORROW! Her name is Deonna and she is amazing. Gorgeous and adorable and so ah! Just amazing! I love this mission and all the miracles that happen.

Here's our #TreatTuesday pic

I have learned so much while being out here. No, it isn't always fun and happy all the time but I can honestly say I have never been happier in my life. What President Eyring said in his talk is so true. We need to have the Spirit with us as our constant companion (I liked how one of the apostles said that the Spirit is our best "traveling companion"). Having the Spirit with us as a companion is truly the source of real happiness. I testify that that is true. Everything that is good comes from our Heavenly Father. I love you all so much. Thanks so much for everything.

Have such a great week everyone! Tell me the scripture y'all are "ponderizing" this week too! (Go read/listen to Elder Durrant's talk to find the definition of ponderizing ;)
This is my scripture for the week: Enos 1:15. I love it :) can't wait to hear yours!!!

Sister MorganBeen so happy in my life! (Even while being rebuked) haha.

Everyone! Conference was... Incredible. Probably my favorite
conference I've ever listened to. If you missed some of the sessions
or didn't see any of it, go to right now and watch it. Some of
my favorite things from conference were Presidemt Uchtdorf's talk. I
loved how he said over and over how we need to simplify our
discipleship and simplify the gospel. It's so true! (Of course ha) but
it's always such a great reminder. I get so overwhelmed sometimes with
all the things I need to change in my life or things I need to improve
on to be a better follower of Christ, but it's important that we focus
on the small things... Which really are the big things. Speaking of
things to improve on... Elder Lawrence's talk was soo good as well.
Make sure you pray and ask Heavenly Father, "What lack I yet?". Our
discipleship can be so much more manageable when we are given
something specific to work and focus on. After all, "our goal is
exaltation. Discipleship is our journey." But about being
rebuked... Throughout conference me and the other sisters


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